1. Midterms have snuck up on you.

2. You have to ask yourself some tough questions; will you fail?

3. When you look in the mirror at 3:00 a.m. after a long night of studying.

4. The euphoria of taking a nap.

5. When the professor explains an assignment.

6. You call your mom for advice on everything.

7. Hearing the legend that if your roommate dies, you automatically get a 4.0.

8. Trying to find someone who is as confused as you are.

9. Finding a study buddy.

10. When you ask people who took a class last semester if they remember whether or not the teacher is a harsh grader.

11. When a professor gives you another assignment that you just aren't prepared for.

12. Asking for an extension that you don't deserve.

13. Finally coming up with a thesis for a research paper.

14. Seeing snapchat stories of parties while in the library.

15. Trying desperately to meet word count.

16. When your friend tells you the material that they heard is on the test.

17. Walking into the exam.

18. Looking at the test and not knowing what it's talking about.

19. When there's a typo that changes the entire meaning of a question.

20. Asking the teacher a question and they think they are Socrates, so they just ask you the same question with a slightly different inflection.

21. Trotting out of an exam that you know you aced...or at least B-ced.

22. Getting a better grade than you deserved.