Poetry has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up reading the poems my mother wrote in the corners of pages, alongside her doodles. Sometime around age nine or ten, I began writing my own pieces in the back of my school notebooks. Some fifteen odd years later, for lack of a better term, poetry is life. Spoken word has always been something that not only intrigued me but also intimidated me. As I grow more and more comfortable in this realm, I have become enthralled with so many spoken word artists.

1. Gil Scott-Heron

2. Saul Williams

3. Kate Tempest

4. Sonya Renee

5. Shane Koyczan

6. Andrea Gibson

7. Malik Yusef

8. Mahogany L. Browne

9. George the Poet

10. Jennifer Falu

11. Suli Breaks

12. Jaha Zainabu

13. Taalam Acey

14. Dominique Christina

15. Guante

16. Aja Monet

17. Angel Nafis

18. Reyna Biddy

19. Safia Elhillo

20. Alysia Harris

21. Tonya Ingram

22. Aziza Barnes