22 Saying from Christian College
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22 Saying from Christian College

Things people in the Christian Bubble say all too often

22 Saying from Christian College

If you go to a Christian college, then you know there's a certain culture that goes along with it. It seems that across Christian campuses everywhere there are phrases and words that we tend to use a lot more often than any sane person outside the Christian bubble would.

1. I'll pray for you

So this one is common in all Christian circles but, at least at my school, it's even more prevalent. Definitely not a bad thing. Some of us can use all the prayer we can get. (Finals, am I right?)

2. Ring by spring

Before coming to college I had no idea how dead serious people were about getting engaged, or even married, while in college. They start early with the Freshman Frenzy and don't stop till they've got their rock.

3. Have you tried pour over?

The coffee loving hipster stereotype is alive and thriving at Christian Colleges everywhere. The pour over trend is on the rise and I guarantee that you'll meet at least one person who's catchphrase is "All l need is a little bit of coffee, and a whole lot of Jesus."

4. Last summer at the camp I worked at...

It seems that almost everyone spends their summers working at camps. But who wouldn't want to spend 2 month immersed in Jesus and nature? (plus getting paid for it)

5. Look at my Chaco tan!

Chacos and chaco tan lines make you one of the coolest people on campus. Just kidding. But by the way some people wear them you'd think they would.

6. Oh I play guitar

Why is it that so many people are so musically gifted? I mean, I play guitar and sing as well, but it's still so surprising to see how many other people can.

7. I was looking through the book of numbers when I realized I don't have yours

Or any other Christian pickup line. Some of my favorites are "you put the stud in Bible study," "is your name Grace? Because you're amazing," and "I think one of my ribs belongs to you."

8. We have chapel today, don't we?

Nothing can get a student across campus faster than realizing chapel starts in 5 minutes and it's a 7 minute walk.

9. What does your translation say?

Sometimes you're reading a certain translation and it just doesn't make sense. So, naturally you ask your neighbor, What does your translation say?

10. I really want to adopt someday

People seem to really have a heart for children in unfortunate situations. Which is so great because there are so many kids out there who need a good home. But it's almost funny how many people talk about adopting someday.

11. #blessed

What can I say? We're social media obsessed just like any other college students. But we need to make sure our hashtags are appropriate. So we use #blessed. WAY to much.

12. Did you DTR?

We all know that girl and guy who are "just friends." They're not. They just haven't DTR-ed it yet. But they will deny all allegations of liking each other until they do.

13. Leave room for Jesus!

Well... they finally DTR-ed. Surprise, they're not just friends. So now all their third and fourth wheels will be making sure that there is enough Holy spirit room between them at all times. When they're not telling them that they're gross, of course. (They're actually really happy for them.

14. Were you home schooled?

I have nothing against home schoolers. Some of the coolest people I've met at college were home schooled for at least part if not all of their childhood. But we all know THOSE home schoolers. They're awkward and almost socailly unaware. If you were home schooled and don't know what I'm talking about, I'm sorry. But you're probably one of them.

15. Modest is hottest

Yes, it is important to adequately cover ourselves. But why is the saying so dumb? It's kind of turned into a joke between girls at Christian schools nowadays. Personally, I prefer the term, "it is your Christian duty to cover your booty."

16. Another parking ticket?

Campus safety takes their jobs really seriously. Which is great! But there's not a lot going on at most Christian schools. So, they ticket us. DO NOT park in a lot with the wrong color. They'll get you for it.

17. Gosh darn it. Ah frick! What the heck?

Christian swear words. That's all I can say on that.

18. You call me out upon the waters

When you check your phone to see how much time has passed because you're currently singing the bridge for the sixth time, it's probably because Chapel Band decided to play Oceans... again...

19. No it's for the Bible! Yeah there's a Bible app on my phone

The amount of people sitting on their phones in chapel claiming it's for the Bible is really quite amazing. But we all see you playing Words with Friends. (PSA to that couple sitting in front of me playing against EACH OTHER earlier this week)

20. Oh where is my hairbrush?

Whenever someone on the hall can't find something, at least one or two other people will break into this song. Thank you, Larry the Cucumber, for this wonderful piece of music.

21. I just feel called to the 10 / 40 window

Lots of people want to go into missions. And this is awesome! The 10 / 40 window is a place of great need. (And also great missions cliche on Christian campuses.)

22. Jesus

This one is obvious. Because WE LOVE JESUS! I love my school and I know so many others love theirs too. Having a Christ centered education is something that I will always be thankful for. And our weird lingo just makes it entertaining.

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