22 Lessons I've Learned Over 22 Years
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22 Lessons I've Learned Over 22 Years

A 90's baby in the year 2018

22 Lessons I've Learned Over 22 Years

We learn through personal experience and observing others. The things I’ve lived through and seen in my lifetime would be trivial to some, and monumental to others. For me, every new memory feels revelational. Here are 22 things this ’96 baby has learned by 2018.

1. Human beings are horrible, but they can also be incredibly beautiful.

As a species, we are often so cruel to one another; we dehumanize others' experiences in order to validate actions that encourage inequality. And yet, it is when a recognition of life and emotion is made between an individual and the marginalized, that the most magnificent acts of kindness are displayed in the restoration of humanity.

2. Every person I have ever met and will ever meet has struggled through something I will never understand.

3. There are friends that understand your ideals and share in your interests. Then there are friends who never see eye to eye with you, but accept all that you are regardless.

Embrace both, treasure the latter.

4. The word 'family' only means as much as the effort you put into it.

5. There is good and bad in everyone, and the circumstances that life presents to help us choose which we follow are hardly ever fair.

6. Being a woman isn't a sin I should be ashamed of.

In spite of society's occasional attempt to make me feel otherwise.

7. My expectations in a partner aren't too high, and I don't have to settle.

8. You don't owe anyone an explanation for actions that don't concern them, but you are responsible for how your actions affect others (whether you want to be or not).

You don't owe anyone excuses for how you choose to lead your life, but every privilege you choose to acknowledge or ignore, every initiative you choose to take or neglect, has consequences that are bigger than you.

9. Don't wish bad karma to another, wish for a revelation that will help them learn from their mistakes.

10. A man is entitled to no part of a woman's body at any point... ever.

In the year 2018 this should have gone without saying, but unfortunately doesn't.

11. The good you publicly show others does not say as much about your character as your intentions.

12. Being my truest self means coming to terms with all parts of my identity.

From my outer social influences to my physical appearance, to the internal persona I have created, they've all helped make me the person I am today. I should be proud of that.

13. I shouldn't feel bad about believing that I am worthy of more than where society places me.

14. Respect is earned, not given with age.

15. Adults don't know everything, and children understand more than they are given credit for.

16. Your social status, economic standing, and occupation do not equate to your success in life, importance, or content of character.

17. Money is evil.

18. As the great Stephen Chbosky once wrote:

19. You should aspire towards a career you plan to grow with, not a pastime you can tolerate.

20. There is no such thing as 'normal,' so stop kicking yourself for not living up to it.

In personalities, body shapes, skin tones, sexualities, ideals, able-bodiedness, culture… anything. Stop feeling bad about not being comfortable in a box that someone else created for you.

21. The amount of time you have with someone is never guaranteed, so engage in the present.

22. Love is love is love

There is no difference between self-love and family love and romantic love and friend love. While the label and connection between relationships changes, love remains unchanging.

Love is not needing that person in your life, but inconveniencing yourself because you want them around anyway. Love is selfless and inexhaustible; it turns insecurities into treasured traits. It is a power greater than the mind and body, and the ultimate source of humanity.

Here's to unearthing more of humanity's secrets in the years to come.

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