Now that midterms are upon college students all across America, it’s like I can hear the collective sighs, and cries, of those students in the fall breeze. If you’re overdoing homework every second of the day, you’re not alone. Here are some things I would rather do than sit down for another minute of homework

1. The Myers-Briggs Test

2. Shave My Head

3. Run A Marathon

4. Give Up Chick-Fil-A

5. Babysit for Free

6. Deep Clean the House in Fight Club

7. Join Fight Club

8. Sit Through a Silent Film

9. Stick My Hand in Hot Water

10. Walk on Shards of Glass

11. Sit Next to a Screaming Baby on a 10 Hour Flight

12. Listen to Bros Complain

13. Listen to Someone in Middle School Complain about School

14. Be Surrounded by Couples Partaking in PDA

15. Let Someone Roast Me

16. Have Someone Tell Me How to Live My Life

17. Try to Explain Black Holes

18. Not Being Able to Itch My Nose for An Extended Amount of Time

19. Watch Paint Dry

20. Calculate Your Calories for the Day

21. Stalk People You Know From High School on Facebook

Are some of these overdramatic? Sure. Are some of these a bit excessive? Yes, but so is the amount of coursework students are having to deal with. No matter where you are in your school career, except for middle school there’s no reason for you to be stressing, just know that before you know it Thanksgiving Break will be here. Soon, your troubles will be drowned in gravy and stuffing so before you go crazy because of the school work surrounding you, take a break, relax, and know that you’re not alone in the struggle bus that is schoolwork.