21 Things People With ADHD Know All Too Well

1. Losing Your Keys

No matter what you do know matter where you go, the moment isn't complete until you have a heart attack over where your keys may have mysteriously wandered off to. Even if you put them in the place where the keys are supposed to go, that tends to make you forget where you put them even more. I've found I have the best luck finding my keys when I let my ADHD naturally place them in their rightful spot inside my left tennis shoe under the bed. That's where all good key keepers keep their keys, right?

2. What was I talking about?

Having an absolutely brilliant conversation with a beautifully hand-crafted straight to the point answer to someone's question all to end up confused and asking the other person, "wait, what was I talking about?" Nothing like forgetting the whole point of your speech right in mid-sentence. Good times, good times.

3. Chronically accidentally interrupting because the words have to come out NOW!

Trying to hold in the words but you just can't wait. Our eyes feel like they're going to pop our of our head if we don't say it NOW. We don't mean to do it. We really do try to wait our turn. It's just, it's so exciting when we actually have a train of thought that makes sense and it feels urgent to spit it out before it disappears. We try to wait for you to finish your sentence but sometimes our thoughts just go a little too fast and if you take even the slightest second to breathe, game over. It's our turn.

4. When you set 17 alarms, color code your planner, and still forget to do the things your supposed to be doing.

I think there is something very important I should be doing, but I can't remember what, so I guess I'll clean the whole house, count the ceiling tiles, and interpret the meaning of life instead.

5. Getting super focused on all the wrong things.

I think I was productive? I mean.... I know I'm a college student but.... finishing an entire coloring book is pretty impressive right?

6. Spending two hours online shopping for socks because someone mentioned the word "sock."

I don't know from personal experience or anything like that ha HA, but I mean word on the street is this happened to somebody. I don't know who.

7. That one time you found your missing glasses neatly placed in the fridge.

This definitely didn't happen to me either. Nope. Not at all.

8. Being the friend that is constantly disappearing because when your mind wanders... apparently so do your feet. Like that one time when they found you in a bush.

Again, no personal experience here.

9. Not being able to function for half the day and then suddenly remembering that you forgot to take the medicine that you're supposed to remember to take that way you stop forgetting everything....

How do they expect the people who forget to remember not to forget, to remember to take the medication that stops them from forgetting? AHHHHH the struggle.

10. The uncontrollable impulsivity of a brilliant (yet ill-advised) idea that pops into your head.


11. Over committing to things you don't have the time or the memory capacity to do, but have suddenly become unbelievably passionate about.

I made a commitment to devote my life to this thing that I had no interest in prior to ten seconds ago and yet I must follow through with this because it is now my life's work.

12. Rereading the same sentence 17 times because your brain is too focused on finding the rhythm of the guy sitting next to you's pencil tapping to realize you're reading anything at all.

Who needs to finish a test or a pile of work when you've just discovered a sick new beat in the tapping of a pencil on a desk? And people say we aren't productive, ppfffft.....

13. Your very serious problems/stories are comedic to everyone but you.

Like that one time I found a banana in my backpack in the middle of class and was very concerned about the wellbeing and the whereabouts of the banana but everyone else couldn't stop laughing.

14. When you have 115.64 unread text messages.

Because I like to talk to people but then I forget to reply till two months later. "Did you get my text?" That's gotta be one of my favorite questions... oh I'm sure I got it, but first I have to remember I have a phone, find it, get on it, get to the actual texting part of the phone, and then dig through hundreds of messages without forgetting what I'm looking for. Texting is stressful, OK? Be gentle with us, if we reply to you at all that is an accomplishment

15. Spending a solid amount of time searching for the thing you've had in your hands the whole time.

I don't even know how many times the item I've searched for was in my hand. Or the thing I think I've lost I'm using currently. It's like writing this article and wondering where my laptop is. Or petting my cat and wondering why I haven't heard from him in a while. Well, it may have something to do with the fact that he's asleep in my lap, but that's the last place I'd consider, yah feel?

16. Your brain doesn't have an off switch.

This makes trying to sleep especially fun. HOW DOES ONE SLEEP WHEN THEIR BRAIN WON'T STOP THROWING A RAGER? I feel like a hamster running on a wheel. Too passionate about the task in front of me, and too forgetful of my priorities to find a way off the magical wheel of thought.

17. You ARE Dug the dog from the movie up.

Hello, my name is Dug and... SQUIRREL!!!!

18. You forget to remember to eat.

Taking care of myself is hard. I have to feed and water myself, remember to sleep, breathe, talk.... it's all very time-consuming. And THEN give me appetite suppressing medication on top of it and WOAH... it's been 6 years since I've last eaten, and now I'm going to make up for it and eat everything.

19. Saying "hey, YOU!" to people who know your name and life story because you swear you've never met them or seen their face before but you gotta play it cool and act like you know who they are.

I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW PEOPLE KNOW WHO I AM WHEN I DON'T EVEN THINK I KNEW THEM IN A PAST LIFE LET ALONE THIS ONE. How do they do that? Remember my face and name and all that jazz? Stuff is crazy, man...

20. Being treated like you're stupid when really people just don't understand the brilliance of your mind.

Just because I am a little bit of a spaz doesn't mean i'm not pure genius. You just have to follow my trains of thoughts through the rabbit hole until we stumble upon something miraculous.

21. Before you are diagnosed-everyone and their brother knew you had ADHD except you.

I still remember the day I very seriously approached my psychiatrist, "I think I have ADHD." "HAH, of course you do, I knew that since the day I met you." Oh, okay. -_-

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