21 Things To Do In Milwaukee If You're Under 21
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21 Things To Do In Milwaukee If You're Under 21

The fun tap is not dry; there is so much to do that doesn't involve alcohol.

21 Things To Do In Milwaukee If You're Under 21
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Welcome to Milwaukee, Class of 2020. Milwaukee, though not as big as Chicago, has much to offer, but sometimes it is hard to choose, especially if you are not 21 or older. When you are under 21, the fun tap in Milwaukee seems to be dry. Here is a list of all sort of fun you can have without having to drink from the tap.

1. Cheer on the Milwaukee Brewers

Every Friday Home game, college students can purchase tickets for as low as $10, plus you have the options to purchase $3 hot dogs, nachos, and soda before the close of the first inning. Something different for the 2016 season is all fans receive a free t-shirt on Fridays.

2. Sunbathe at Bradford Beach

If you don't have a car, not a problem. Use the bus pass you receive and hop on the bus. If you like volleyball, even better. Bradford Beach is the premier location for a game or two of sand volleyball.

3. Take a stroll on the Milwaukee's Riverwalk

Be sure to look out for the Bronze Fonz along your walk and don't forget to snap a picture.

4. Visit your favorite animal at the Milwaukee County Zoo

The zoo is free on January 9, February 6, March 5, October 8, November 5 and December 3. Make yourself a sack lunch and either take the bus or park your car away from to zoo for a fun free day.

5. Partake in the breath taking displays at the Milwaukee Art Museum

The museum is free for all on the first Friday of each month, which is a savings of $17. There are 30,000 works of art. 400,000+ visitors a year. 125 years of collecting art. This was Milwaukee’s first art gallery in 1888, the Museum has grown today to be an icon for Milwaukee and a resource for the entire state.

6. Escape for an adventure at the Milwaukee Public Museum

With a big thank you to Kohl's, the first Thursday of each month is free. The free dates have been set up till May 2017.

7. Go ice skating at the Pettit National Ice Center

Don't have skates, not a problem. You can rent them for $3.50 and skate for the day at $7.50. Be sure to check the public skating schedule.

8. Laugh so hard that your stomach hurts at Comedy Sportz

Order your tickets online before you go. Show times are on Friday and Saturday and tickets start at $8.50. They are located at 420 S 1st St, Milwaukee, WI 53202. It is not just a show, it is an interactive show that will make you cry from laughing.

9. Are you a spy in need of a meal? Come to the SafeHouse.

SafeHouse is a hot spot hideout for secret agents on the weekend. However, you will need a password to get in. If you don't know the password, you will have to complete some other task to prove you are a loyal spy.

10. Figure out who has better custard: Kopp's or Leon's

Go try them both and decide, but be careful who you mention your favorite to as it may start an argument. Do make sure your try the same flavor of each.

11. Cheer on the Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks have student friendly promotions, such as College Night and Student Rush. College Night promotion has tickets starting at $20 and a free t-shirt. The Student Rush promotion text students ticket deals often a week before the game day for reduced tickets.

12. Visit a desert, jungle, and floral gardens while staying in the 414

The Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory, "The Domes," give visitors a chance to experience the incredible diversity of plant life this world has to offer all in an afternoon. The Domes are open seven days a week and the admission fee is $7 per person.

13. Enjoy a night at the Rave

The Rave/Eagles Club has eight independent clubs that can hold 400 to 4,000 individuals. The Eagles Ballroom has a 25,000 square foot dance floor and is surrounded by a balcony. Tickets are still available for The Chainsmokers, NF, Zeds Dead, Mac Miller, Schoolboy Q, and so many more.

14. Take a study break and watch a movie at the many Marcus Theaters in Milwaukee

It is $5 Student Thursday at the Marcus Theaters. Every Thursday, students of all ages and school faculty can enjoy movies for only $5 and snack on a free popcorn. Just one thing: remember your school ID.

15. Harley-Davidson motorcycles originated in Milwaukee, see the first one ever made.

The Harley-Davidson Museum is an interactive museum that symbolizes the freedom and rebellion of America. The museum has more than 450 motorcycles and artifacts, including Serial Number One. It also has a fantastic dinning option called Motor Bar & Restaurant.

16. Gourmet Soda Brewery Tour

Want to go on a brewery tour, but you aren't 21? No problem! Tour the plant and see how soda is brewed, bottled, labeled, and packed. Thirsty? You get ultimate samples of Sprecher's 10 gourmet sodas (A.K.A. pop).

17. College students love pizza... see how local frozen pizza is crafted

Milwaukee has it very own pizza factory, Palermo's. See how frozen pizza is crafted into a deliciousness that is enjoyed by so many people. After the tour you have the chance to indulge in some of fresh delicious pizza.

18. Depart on a cruise to see the Milwaukee skyline

People talk about the Chicago skyline, the New York skyline, and so many more skylines, but not Milwaukee's. Milwaukee has a amazing skyline filled with many lighthouses, tall buildings, unique shaped buildings, and so much more. Edelweiss Cruises and MKE Boat are two fantastic companies that have amazing cruises, but there are many more businesses to chose from.

19. Buy some clean, healthy, and local produce at the many Farmers Markets

Milwaukee has many Farmers Markets scattered around the city. Vendors offer fresh seasonal produce, plants, flowers, and homemade baked goods. Be sure to check out http://county.milwaukee.gov/FarmersMarkets11321.ht... to find the closest market, dates, and times. Also, some Farmers Market locations offer yoga, demonstrations, musical entertainment, and other activities.

20. Check out the Milwaukee Public Market

Your Milwaukee Public Market is the most unique food destination. It houses diverse, high quality artisan and ethnic products, and freshly prepared food as you shop. The goal of the Public Market is to educate entertain, and engage all who enter the doors of the market while supporting small businesses that offer unique products and expertise.

21. Become inspired to change the neighborhood you live in

Volunteering is one way you can change the neighborhood you live in. Volunteer at the Wisconsin Human Society, the Urban Ecology Center, a local hospital, school, care center, or almost any where in Milwaukee. Check with your university's office for volunteering to make your new home a better place to live.

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