It's that time of the year again. The sun is finally out, there are day parties every weekend, and finals are quickly approaching. However, this year is different. Why? Because you're a senior and these are your last few weeks of college. Instead of being excited about summer being right around the corner, you're having a quarter life crisis wondering what the ^#*@ you're going to do with your life. Some of your friends have amazing jobs lined up in New York City, some are going to grad school, and the really lucky ones are coming back for a victory lap. While you fall into zero of those categories your life looks somewhat like this:

1. You can't imagine a weekend consisting of only two days rather than three.

2. You wait to do your laundry until the next time you go home to your parents' house.

3. When people ask what you're going to school for, you say it's to get your MRS degree.

4. You don't know how to manage your own money and cannot imagine doing it with a steady paycheck.

5. Your apparel consists of leggings from Sunday-Wednesday and going-out clothes from Thursday-Saturday.

6. When you run out of groceries you're too lazy to go buy more so you eat out for a week straight... until you check your bank statement.

7. You've completely given up on your GPA because enjoying your last few weeks of school is way more important than getting good grades.

8. The pizza delivery guy knows your identity based upon your address.

9. You have no idea how to study for something without using the Internet.

10. Time spent in the library consists of 50 percent Facebook, 25 percent finding new music, 20 percent comparing your life to random articles (like this one) and 5 percent actually studying.

11. Monday is your day to recover from the weekend, Sunday is just a day to laze around with your roommates in your pajamas.

12. The only dates you ever go on are your date parties.

13. You have too much FOMO to stay at home on a weekday.

14. You can't make it until 5 p.m. without an afternoon nap.

15. "Decorating" your apartment consists of cheap movie posters and old booze bottles.

18. You can't imagine living with only one roommate instead of your eight best friends.

19. You still watch cartoons.

20. Your parents still give you a weekly allowance.

21. You have no job lined up and quite frankly you don't really care.