21 Things To Do In Saint Augustine When You Turn Twenty-One
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21 Things To Do In Saint Augustine When You Turn Twenty-One

Good luck and bottoms up!

21 Things To Do In Saint Augustine When You Turn Twenty-One

A twenty-first birthday is one of the most anticipated birthdays in most people's life. As soon as the clock strikes midnight so many doors are suddenly open for you that were never open before: the doors to bars and liquor stores. Inspired after reading Brianna Doonan's "Twenty Things I've Learned Before Turning Twenty," I have compiled a list of a few of the fun things you can do in and near Saint Augustine so that all of the current twenty-year-olds can be prepared for their next birthday. Good luck and bottoms up!

1. Tour the San Sebastian Winery

You'll learn a lot about tasting wine which will come in handy when you want to look like a connoisseur in front of your friends when you order wine at a restaurant. Plus you'll be able to sample up to eight different wines and, because they switch up the wines available to taste, it's worth touring the winery multiple times. (Plus it's free!)

2. Painting With a Twist

Now that you know your wine preferences, you can bring a bottle of your new favorite to this fun art class. You can drink and learn how to paint something and you'll leave with a beautiful masterpiece (hopefully).

3. Birthday Cake Martini

This is available at Tini Martini where you can sit outside with a great view of the bay front in downtown Saint Augustine. (This is the place that was all over the news during Hurricane Matthew). Besides martinis, they also have specialty drinks and wine - which you're now an expert on.

4. Naughty Bingo Night

On Thursday nights the Mardis Gras Sports Bar holds a naughty bingo night with $10 long island ice tea and more ~adult~ prizes than your Grandma's bingo club probably has.

5. Get a Shark Tank

Go to the backyard at Meehan's Irish Pub and order a shark tank. Served in a fishbowl, the blue drink is topped of with multiple straws and a handful of plastic fish. It's perfect for Instagram pics and, if you're sneaky, the fish make great souvenirs.

6. Take a picture with the bear at Dos Gatos

Nearly everyone has a picture with this bear so naturally, you need one too.

7. Go upstairs at White Lion

Behind the bar and next to the girl's bathroom is a set of stairs. Most people don't venture up those stairs, which makes it the most adventurous thing you can do while you're there. I'll leave it to you to find out what's up there.

8. Downtown Pub Crawl

There are plenty to choose from but the most popular one of 2016 was likely the Pokemon Go! themed bar crawl. But if you want a more personalized experience, grab a bunch of your friends and figure out your own.

9. Trivia Night

At Mellow Mushroom, you can order a pitcher of beer and embarrass yourself in a game of trivia at the same time! Even better, they have a full bar so you can order nearly anything.

10. Tour the Saint Augustine Distillery

At the end of this (free) tour you can taste all four of their spirits: vodka, gin, rum, and bourbon. They mix the liquor to make drinks so you can sample the drinks you are able to make with them. Even better, they show you how to make them!

11. Visit the Ice Plant

Located in the same building as the distillery, this restaurant not only serves food and specialty drinks, they also serve the same drinks that you can sample in the distillery. On top of that, if the bartenders know that it's your twenty-first birthday, they'll do a shot of jaeger with you.

12. Reggae Sunday

Have the best Sunday Funday at the Conch House during the warmer months. With a live reggae band and drink specials, it's a great way to keep the weekend rolling.

13. Rum Runners

The Black Raven is a pirate ship that offers tours during the day. You've probably seen the ship docked in the bay or even the pirates who run the ship wandering downtown. However, at night they cater to a more mature audience. With skits, songs, and drinks, this nighttime cruise is one you don't want to miss.

14. Drink at the movies

Epic Theaters has started serving alcoholic drinks so you can enjoy a nice glass of wine while you watch the latest Disney movie. While it sounds great and you should definitely try it, you probably shouldn't make a habit of it because their drinks, like everything else you can buy at a movie theater, don't come cheap.

15. BOGO drinks

Chilli's offers a buy one get one deal on their drinks so it's a great way to drink on a budget. Sure, you can find a Chilli's almost anywhere, but it deserves a spot on this list because you can't find BOGO drinks everywhere.

16. Prohibition Kitchen

This place has recently opened right on Saint George street and has a wide variety of specialty drinks. Even better, they normally have a live band too. This means that if you tell them it's your birthday, the entire place will sing happy birthday just for you!

17. Hamburger Mary's

While this restaurant does serve hamburgers, it is more well known for it's wild and fun shows put on by drag queens and their backup dancers. A night at Hamburger Mary's is a night filled with drinks, good music, and great dancing!

18. Wine and Art

On the first Friday of each month the art galleries located in downtown Saint Augustine set out food and wine and invite people to enjoy the artwork displayed in their galleries. Sometimes the artists are even present. This is a great opportunity to dress up, drink wine, and show the world how cultured you are.

19. Wine Slushies

If you ever find yourself shopping at the Avenues mall, find a store called the Winey Wench. They sell a pretty wide variety of wine slushies that you can walk around the mall with. What's better than drinking while you shop?

20. Taco Shop

While you can enjoy a UFO from the taco shop at any age, it is a rite of passage to enjoy one after a long night out at 2am right before they close. As good as their food is normally, it tastes way better after a few drinks.

21. Bottomless Mimosas

The best cure for a hangover? More alcohol. Force yourself out of bed and enjoy as many mimosas as you can drink at the Blind Rabbit while you have brunch.

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