21 Reasons To Wait Until You're 21 To Drink

21 Reasons To Wait Until You're 21 To Drink

Because you have plenty of time to do it later.

I know that college is an exciting time, full of new friends, experiences, activities, and more.

I know that people will go out on a Friday night and stay out until the early hours on Saturday. I also know that many people tend to think one of the best ways to get the whole "college experience" is to go out and party on the weekend. Sometimes that "fun" turns into a sticky situation. Not everyone abuses alcohol, but I`m sure people have overdone it at least once in their life.

Here are some reasons to consider waiting until you're 21, aside from the fact that we don't live in a country where its legal at 12.

1. It's the law.

2. You can have fun sober.

3. You save money.

4. You can't buy alcohol anyway.

5. You'd have to be really good at lying to your parents if you drink.

6. You'll be able to remember what you did last Saturday.

7. You don't do (as many) dumb things.

8. You'll be able to walk in a straight line.

9. You aren't hungover in the morning.

10. No one cares if you can shotgun a beer in the long run.

11. You don't waste time or money on a bad fake.

12. You don't end up with alcohol poisoning.

13. You've listened/watched to all those "don't abuse drugs" videos in school and hopefully gained something from them.

14. The hospital won't have to call your parents/you won't have to call your parents.

15. You won't send drunk texts you'll regret in the morning.

16. You'll still have friends.

17. You can make fun of/observe drunk people and laugh with and at them.

18. You'll remember things you learn about other drunk people.

19. Your parents will find out.

20. You won't accidentally try drugs because you will have total control over your actions sober.

21. You won't have any drunk decisions to regret.

You have 50+ years to go out with friends and try all these "fun beverages" so why waste time on them now? Go to that trampoline park before your body won't let you. Explore the world. Don't get yourself stuck in bed with a headache when you could be studying to pass your finals so you can finally graduate. Make life decisions that won't hurt and hinder you. And if you do choose to drink before you're 21, at least do it responsibly.

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