What hobby would you get into if time and money weren't an issue?

I would call it a passion more than a hobby but to travel the world and volunteering my services to teach, build with, and learn different cultures throughout the world. I feel the only way to succeed and be a great human, is to want to learn & help about the world around you.

Describe the perfect life.

It doesn't exist but the perfect life haha, would be me having a great company and employing other bad ass women. We come together and do great in this world. That's perfect to me, making money ethically right and making sure my whole girl squad eats!

What is the most annoying habit that other people have?

Ohhh this question is mean. I have a couple of habits…but the one I hate is fake listening. They only listen when something benefits them. I hate that. I had one occurrence when I was talking to this woman and she pulled out her phone mid convo, so I started talking to someone beside her and she heard something about an event, then turned interested. That is beyond rude to me!

What state or country do you never want to go back to? Why?

I've traveled a lot but (haha) I would say New York. Everyone comes and goes from this city. It's a jungle out here.

What song can you sing from top to bottom? No mistakes.

Love on Top -- Beyoncé. It's a classic to me.

What do you wish you knew more about?

The universe and what's out there. I mean billions of stars and and galaxies beyond out view. That's dope.

Would you rather be born young, and grow old? Or age backwards? Explain your reasoning.

I'm an old spirit. The wisdom and life lessons that come with being older helps you heal from trauma and mistakes.

What are some small things that make your day better?

Free coffee, packages in the mail, or just when someone says one of my articles made them feel joy.

What TV show doesn't exist anyone, but really wish it was?

College Hill was lit! The Heights was dope! Empire Girls too! Plus The Proud Family. It showed that people of color are more than just stereotypes. We have goals, dreams, and loving families.

What age do you wish you could permanently be?

23, I feel this age is not too old but not too young.

What was the most heartwarming thing you've ever seen?

My dad cry when my mom graduated from nursing school. He's a tough guy but seeing his wife work so hard and to have it be paid off made him tear up. I thought that was beautiful.

What is the best book series you've ever read?

Harry Potter! I am forever a Harry Potter fan.

What is the most annoying question people as you?

Where are you from…I tell them I'm Black and they are so intrigued that they want a full ancestry DNA background check.

Would you rather eat ants for a week or jump off a cliff?

Jump off a cliff. I did that once, so I would take that over ants any day.

What is something new you tried recently and loved?

Not allowing negative comments to phase me. I am finding my peace.

What movie title describes your life?

Ohh, Eat. Pray. Love. I am loving everything, I pray often, and I can tear up some food. Haha

What object would you save if your house was on fire?

My Laptop…that's my baby!

If you could talk to everyone in this world, what would you say?

Learn to accept each other and forgive the ones who once wronged you. Negativity is a toxin that can harm your life, your dreams, and your relationships with those who love you.

If you had 24 hours left to live, how would you spend it?

Eating In & Out and watching the sunset on the beach with the one I love. I'm a simple girl.

What do you spend too much time doing?

Stressing over perfection…seriously...

If you were given the opportunity to rename yourself, what would it be?

I like my name. It's different, not common and it represents me well. I am a woman filled with color and so is the season.