21 Positive Things To Say About Someone
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Student Life

21 Positive Things To Say About Someone

Because gossiping is overrated.

21 Positive Things To Say About Someone
Lora Horner

Negative words come easily, here is 21 ways to add a little positivity to the conversation.

1. Adventurous

"I like that she is always adventurous, making everything into a story worth telling."

2. Balanced

“It’s incredible how balanced he is with his work life, social life, and family time. I hope to learn from him.”

3. Captivating

“She is absolutely captivating, she’s always so capable of attracting attention in the best possible way.”

4. Daring

“He is daring and always pushes the boundaries, everything is more exciting when he’s around.”

5. Educated

“I think it’s amazing how educated she is, even if she loves to study a lot, good for her.”

6. Freethinker

“His way of thinking is so much different than others, and I think that’s awesome to be such a freethinker.”

7. Hardworking

“Her hardworking lifestyle

is admirable, she’s the hardest worker that I know.”

8. Individualistic

“I love how individualistic he is; he never portrays anybody other than himself.”

9. Kindness

“She puts others above herself, the amount of kindness she’s able to spread is amazing.”

10. Loyal

“He is very loyal to what he loves and the amount of support and allegiance is incredible.”

11. Observant

“I love how observant she is, always looking and watching- she must learn a lot from that.”

12. Optimistic

“His optimistic personality is so bright and promising, I love the confidence he has for the future.”

13. Passionate

“Her passionate attributes to what she believes in is something I wish that more people would have.”

14. Relaxed

“His relaxed attitude gives off such good vibes, he’s so stress-free, his level of anxiety is always so low. I wonder how great that must feel.”

15. Sharing

“She is so sharing with everything that she has, she just gives to others, I wish I could be like that.”

16. Spontaneous

“I always love the spontaneous personality he has, his sudden impulses always turn into good ideas.”

17. Trusting

“I could say anything to her she is so trusting, I love that about her.”

18. Understanding

“He is understanding and never judges, I strive to be as understanding as him.”

19. Vivacious

“She is lively and vivacious; the bubbly vibe she gives off is captivating.”

20. Wise

“I can’t get over how wise he is, his wisdom for everything bewilders me.”

21. Philosophical

“Her understanding and philosophical pursuit for the bigger picture is so fascinating to me.”

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