21 Lessons Learned In Year 21
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21 Lessons Learned In Year 21

Being a 21-year-old female in 2016 is anything but easy.

21 Lessons Learned In Year 21

With my 22nd birthday coming quickly, I was thinking of all of the twenty-something crises I endured in my 21st year of life. Our generation of women struggle way more than our mothers and grandmothers ever dreamed of. We have shattered glass ceilings, learned to stand on our own two feet, and succeed more than we ever imagined. Being a twenty-something female in 2016 is anything but easy. I've learned some valuable lessons in my time, and know there's only a bunch more to come my way.

1. You are almost done with college; don't drop out now.

I have probably sat in my car and cried more than 20 times over something a professor said. Furthermore, I have had more panic attacks and anxiety over the last four years than ever. The work is tough, but the degree is worth it. That class you're taking, you just need to get through it and keep on pushing through.

2. You will find your way.

If you think your life has hit rock bottom, it's OK. The biggest mistake you can make in your 20s, is thinking you should have it all together. Your life will change drastically; you are a new person each and every day.

3. The girlfriend rule is real.

The truth of the matter is, girls can be ruthless. The good ones will be there for you when you need them. Watch who you betray because that boy you want might not be worth your best friend.

4. Drink wine when you're sad.

Wine when happy, wine when sad, wine in the morning, wine at night. I even have a break-up wine for desperate times.

5. Don't drink and drive.

People do not take this rule seriously enough; drinking and driving is something no one should ever have to do. Driving buzzed is drunk driving. It is not just your life, it's someone else's too. There's many other options that you can take: call an Uber, a cab, or a friend who lives close by. Wake someone up at 2 a.m. It is a lot smarter than killing yourself or someone else.

6. Take advantage of every opportunity available.

Before you know it, you will be married, have a career, or a couple of kids. You can't just pack up and leave the country whenever you want. Take those opportunities as they come. Be safe and smart and you won't regret it.

7. Cut out the people who serve you no purpose.

Who has time for drama? Unless they are helping your career, or furthering your potential if they are toxic you should weed them out of your life.

8. Give second chances.

I like to believe that human beings sometimes are stupid and miss what is right in front of them. If the person is still putting in effort and obviously cares about you a second chance should be at least considered. We all make mistakes and you never know what you might be missing out on.

9. Say yes more often.

I am not referring to that scum bag who wants to get in your pants for the wrong reasons. I mean take chances on going out with a new group of friends, start a blog, get involved in a club. Take chances in your 20s because it's part of living life.

10. Save your money.

You might want to spend $300 on concert tickets or on vodka for all your friends. But, in reality, you should save it and invest smarter. You might thank yourself later.

11. Travel.

I never realized how important it was to decide what you want to do and more importantly where you want to live. Set your eyes on the places you want to end up and get to know the city. It is imperative to finding a job one day.

12. Take your mental health seriously.

Halfway through 2015, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. It wasn't pretty and I felt so alone and trapped. Had I gotten the help I needed earlier, instead of denying the problem, I could have gotten a handle on it sooner. Mental health has such a bad stigma, but it's serious. Go find help, if necessary.

13. Go out more.

Think twice before you stay in and watch Netflix with mac and cheese. Yeah, that life is great a couple of times a month, but it shouldn't be your life. Go out, even if it's once in a blue moon. Hangout with some friends and dance like no one is watching.

14. Guard your heart.

Love is hard, and if you're in your 20s that is certainly no secret. With this generation of facebook and tinder, love is hard to find. It is easy to trust someone based on what they say to you. Taylor Swift knows what shes talking about when she writes songs about stupid boys.

15. Focus on what you really want.

Now is the perfect time to focus on yourself and what you really want. Don't let anyone else's opinions or private matters get in your way. Just find what you want in life and go get it.

16. Find a hobby and master it.

Happiness is finding what you love and making money from it. Find something you're interested in and research. YouTube is great source to teach yourself anything and everything.

17. Read your horoscope.

Even if you completely discredit astrology, at least use your horoscope to laugh. Learning about astrology over the last year has given me insight to why people behave the way they do. It is such an in depth field; your horoscope can be an interesting way to learn about yourself.

18. Be responsible.

Being an adult is hard, and part of the process is owning up to your mistakes. If you make a mistake just take ownership and move on. Solutions are more important than just placing blame.

19. Work on yourself and learn to love.

They say, no one else can love you until you love yourself. Learning to love yourself will allow you to love others.

20. Drink your water.

It is essential in your 20s to drink your water, get your sleep, and take care of your dang self. This is the only body you have. Good habits start now.

21. Be yourself.

Confidence is sexy and being comfortable in your own skin is beautiful. Become who you truly are because that is more important than any silly drama, or that boy who won't text you back. Have fun while you can, and seize the day.

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