21 Drinks For Your 21st Birthday
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21 Drinks For Your 21st Birthday

Maybe don't try them all in one day...

21 Drinks For Your 21st Birthday

My 21st birthday is finally almost here. In honor of finally turning 21, I thought I'd share 21 fun drinks since it's finally legal for me to drink them.

Some of these drinks are basic, but some of them are a little more interesting. I thought they all looked pretty good and worth trying, so choose your favorites to enjoy at your big birthday bash!

1. Margarita


This one is kind of basic but there are many different flavors to choose from!

2. Tequila Sunrise

Tipsy Bartender

This one is similar to a Sex on the Beach, but with a bit of a twist.

3. Vodka Lemonade


A simple and basic drink!

4. Lemon Drop Shot


Sweet but sour!

5. Frosé

Tipsy Bartender

A frozen take on the classic rosé!

6. Moscow Mule


The mugs are always cute too.

7. Bahama Mama

Tipsy Bartender

A nice tropical one for you!

8. Mimosa

Tipsy Bartender

A classic drink and a good one to pair with brunch.

9. Mojito

Tipsy Bartender

Another classic!

10. Fishbowl

Tipsy Bartender

There are a bunch of different versions of this drink. These can be some crazy but interesting mixes and are worth trying at least once. Maybe even share it with some friends!

11. Red, White, & Blue Layered Slushee

Tipsy Bartender

This is a fun themed one you can try for 4th of July!

12. "Adult" Shakes

Tipsy Bartender

There are many different variations to this one- so you can pick a flavor that you like! It's also a nice cool treat for the summer.

13. Sex on the Beach

Tipsy Bartender

A classic drink!

14. Blue Hawaiian Long Island

Tipsy Bartender

This one is a mix of a long island and a blue hawaiian.

15. Fire Shot

Tipsy Bartender

These look cool but be careful with these! You should probably blow out the flame before you drink it.

16. French Toast Shot

Tipsy Bartender

An interesting but sweet one!

17. Jungle Juice

Tipsy Bartender

As you can tell by the name, this drink has a lot mixed into it. There are a million different versions of this, but it's a good idea for parties.

18. Champagne Pink Lemonade

Tipsy Bartender

Refreshing and bubbly!

19. Galaxy Cocktail

Tipsy Bartender

This one is a fun looking drink for summer!

20. Hippie Juice

Tipsy Bartender

A great summer drink!

21. Piña Colada

Tipsy Bartender

Do you like getting caught in the rain?

Enjoy trying these drinks, especially ones you haven't had before! Some of these you can order while you're out, but some I suggest trying to make at home as well! Have fun with it...as long as you're 21 as well. ;)

*Please drink responsibly!*

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