The race for the 2020 presidential election is on the rise as 24 Democrats and 2 Republicans have been officially confirmed as potential candidates. Ranging from California to New York, we may recognize "big names" such as Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, however, it's important to get to know all the candidates in order to have a clear idea as to who you want to be leading the country for the next four years.

1. ​William F. Weld

William F. Weld

In addition to serving as the former governor of Massachusetts, William F. Weld originally ran as Vice President to Gary Johnson in 2016 under the Libertarian Party. His more notable issues of interest include supporting free trade, creating an adequate sense of immigrant reform, and the legalization of marijuana. He also is in favor of protecting abortion rights and during his term as governor, issued a legislation to protect LGBT+ students as well as same-sex couples. William F. Weld additionally aims to continue to be apart of the Paris Climate Agreement. Viewing himself as a "fiscal conservative," Weld favors a traditional type of economy that focuses on cutting back on both spending and taxes. Moreover, in terms of healthcare, Weld believes in strengthening the Affordable Care Act and leaving freedoms regarding medical business to the consumers rather than the government.

2. Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Currently serving as the U.S. president and running for re-election, Donald Trump supports the idea of building a wall along the U.S. Mexican border and has made movements towards wanting to separate from the Paris Climate Agreement. As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and NRA, Trump has focused on strengthening gun control as well as supporting the idea of an international arms business going and is in opposition of the Arms Trades Treaty. Mr. Trump identifies to be extremely Pro-Life and has stated that he only supports abortion in the sense of rape, incest, or protection of the mother, believing there should some form of punishment if the reasoning behind an abortion goes beyond those three instances. He is also working to slowly withdraw all U.S. troops currently in Afghanistan.

According to Monmouth University, 38% of voters are in favor of re-electing Trump, however, a majority of 57% believe that it is time for a fresh face. Wanting to return to "to the principles of Lincoln" with the belief that the "American people are being ignored and our nation is suffering," Weld has entered the 2020 election for the GOP nomination to challenge Donald Trump. Due to his liberal Republican views, Weld may catch the eyes of voters who still side with the right, but do not necessarily agree with President Trump's policies. With his campaign video consisting mainly of a variety of controversial media clips of Donald Trump, William F. Weld has publicly stated that Trump has "lost the ability to govern," going as far as to compare his immigration standpoints to those of Nazi Germany due to the strong voter loyalty to Donald Trump,

Despite only four in 10 voters supporting the Trump re-election, strong voter loyalty is what may gain him the win for the primaries. Political analysts have shared there may be a possible spike in Trump's voters due to his ability to win over certain swing states as well as the possibility of the Democratic Party selecting a candidate that may drive voters away.