35 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The 2020 US Presidential Election
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35 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The 2020 US Presidential Election

As the election began to heat up, so did the meme game.

35 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The 2020 US Presidential Election

For most of us, we'd likely say that 2020 has been a trip all its own between the Australia wildfires, global pandemic, death of several beloved celebrities, and insane growth and protesting of BLM, but the presidential election has really been the icing on the cake.

We've all seen it: the Boomer versus Gen Z Facebook arguments, the tweets that Donald Trump released every few hours swearing he'd win, the Snapchat stories every time another state would report votes. I couldn't scroll through my feed without seeing something else about the election, so I quickly started collecting some popular memes that I felt just speak volumes. So, here it is, 35 memes that just perfectly sum up the messy 2020 presidential election.

And no, I don't own any of these; I'm not that witty. They just resurfaced on my Facebook newsfeed several times over the 4-day span of waiting for the election to be called.

Some of us came prepared for any outcome. 

It hadn't even reached election day and we were already exhausted. 

Some of us still aren't over it. 

Priorities, people. Let's just take a moment. 

And when election day finally rolls around, well, Kitty Forman understands.

Votes began being counted, and then nothing made sense anymore. 

Here's one interesting projection. 

Should I be enjoying this? Should I be this stressed? Is this how an election is supposed to feel? 

Here's all of us staring at the TV, watching the election coverage. 

This is how we all look trying to calculate what states Joe Biden needed to win. 

They aren't even in the SEC. 

But then the coverage began to slow, and it became a waiting game. 

We were forced to bring out the big guns. 

Me waking up every two hours to check election results. 

All eyes on you, Nevada. 

Stuck at less than 70 percent reporting for two days... come on, now. 

Seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours, hours felt like days, and still, Nevada kept us waiting. 

Seems about right. 

And here is the US constituency asking Nevada how much longer they think it'll be. 

Come on, Nevada.

Be a NY, not a NV. 

Here's one for those of us who see our boomer uncle's Facebook posts and want so badly to stir the pot, but the Lord Himself decides to step in because He knows the damage we'd cause and the feelings we'd hurt. 

Then there's this meme for those of us who choose not to hold our tongues. Thanksgiving is going to be one hell of a family reunion. 

There's a side to every story, but here's one we can all agree on. 

And just like that, the mail-ins caught back up.

Georgia, I am sorry for all the mean things I said about you. <3

Georgia really did THAT.

It's all about advocacy, but apparently Trump doesn't quite understand his own influence. 

Those mail-in votes caused an insane amount of chaos between the parties. 

Math is hard for some people. 

This really WOULD have explained so much.

It's a hard job, but somebody's got to do it. 

We really thought some of those swing states would make the calls this time around. Guess we were wrong. 

Pennsylvania really said "OK I get it, Let me think, I guess it's my turn."

And just like that, Pennsylvania saved the day. 

For anyone who has social media, scrolling through your timeline since election day has been like walking through a minefield: tread lightly, things could blow up at any time. And though it was an excruciating 4 days of waiting, this election really became a meme goldmine. At the very least, we can say we got that much out of the wait.

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