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2018 Meme In Review

An inside look at a few of the best memes that 2018 gifted us.

2018 Meme In Review

Admittedly, one of my favorite things to do is open my phone to see that one of my friends sent me a post on Instagram or Facebook, because I just know that I'm about to laugh at a funny new meme. 2018 blessed us with many good memes, though you may have forgotten some of them. May we never forget the curse of Tide Pods, Gru's plans, or the Change My Mind meme. Thank you, 2018, and here's to hoping that 2019 follows through as well.

1. Gru's Master Plan

Even though you know that the last box says the same thing as the third, you'll read it again anyway.

2. Krusty Krab vs. Chum Bucket

Which is better?

3. Eating Tie Pods 

2018 started with Tide Pods and it got worse.

4. John Mulaney 

5. Evil Patrick

We can never get enough SpongeBob memes

6. Change My Mind

Bet you can't!

7. Moth 

Moths just really like lamps.

8. Surgery on a Grape

9. Surprised Pikachu

I find that I relate too much to this pikachu.

10. FBI Agent

Your FBI agent is always watching.

11. To All The Boys...

12. Thank U, Next

It's not just a great song, also a great meme.

13. Is This A Pigeon?

14. Johnny Johnny

One of my personal favorites.

15. Weird Flex...

... but okay.

16. Celebrity Full Names

Who knew?

17. Let's Get This Bread

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