12 Albums From 2017 You Should Check Out

12 Albums From 2017 You Should Check Out

Albums of all different genres from bands of all different locations!

2017 was a fantastic year for music. There was an abundance of phenomenal debut albums, Rock N' Roll stars rising from the dead, and veteran musicians experimenting with their sound. In this article, I will be recommending 12 new albums from 2017! My list ranges from up and coming artists like RAT BOY to music icons like Liam Gallagher!

Liam Gallagher - As You Were

"As You Were" has been one of the most anticipated albums since Oasis' breakup, even with Liam refusing to confirm a solo career until 2016. This highly anticipated album was released on October 6th, 2017 and was named the fastest selling vinyl in the last 20 years. The first single released from "As You Were" was "Wall Of Glass. "Since the release of his album, Liam has been touring in both the US and UK performing both Oasis songs and songs from "As You Were." Gallagher has received a lot of praise for this album from critics and Oasis fans. Liam has also gained a lot of support from the majority of Oasis fans in the Noel and Liam feud as the two brothers have started to go at it again since the release of "As You Were." I would recommend listening to "Chinatown," "For What It's Worth," and "Come Back To Me."


"SCUM" is the debut album of RAT BOY, a new band from Chelmsford, Essex, England. This album was released on August 11, 2017, and has done very well in the United Kingdom. After releasing " SCUM," RAT BOY was invited to open up for Liam Gallagher on his UK tour giving the band more exposure. Their sound can be classified as hip-hop and punk influenced alternative. The band has listed artists such as The Clash and Beastie Boys as major influences. Blur and Gorillaz's lead singer, Damon Albarn is another big influence of the band as Albarn let lead singer, Jordan Cardy work in his studio while recording " SCUM." I would recommend listening to "SPORTSWEAR, "GET OVER IT," and "LAIDBACK."

Khalid - American Teen

"American Teen" is the debut album of the new and up-and-coming artist, Khalid. Khalid is a 19-year-old R&B singer from El Paso, Texas. "American Teen" was released on March 3, 2017. This album has done extremely well as it reached number four on Billboard 200 and was certified platinum after selling over 1,000,000 records. The young singer has listed artists such as Chance The Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, and Grizzly Bear as influencers. Khalid has toured throughout 2017 and just released another tour in May — June of 2018. I definitely recommend listening to this debut album including these songs: "Winter," "8TEEN," and "Location." Khalid has also done his fair share of features including a Marshmello, Logic, and Calvin Harris collaboration on songs, "Silence," "1-800-273-8255," and "Rollin'."

Phoenix - Ti Amo

On June 9th, 2017, the iconic French band, Phoenix released their 6th album, " Ti Amo." The ten track album is different than their previous five albums as it incorporates multiple languages and has a synth-pop and Italo disco influence. When asked about the album, lead singer, Thomas Mars said "Ti Amo" was about, "our European, Latin roots, a fantasized version of Italy " and the songs were about, "simple, pure emotions: love, desire, lust, and innocence." After the release of their album, Phoenix toured North America, Europe, and Asia. I recommend checking out "J-Boy, Role Model," and "Ti Amo."

Foster The People - Sacred Hearts Club

Foster The People released their third album, "Sacred Hearts Club," on July 21, 2017. Before the release of the album, Foster The People surprised their fans with three brand new songs and three new music videos in one day! These songs consisted of "SHC," "Doing It For The Money," and "Pay The Man." The band heavily experimented with their sound adding a bit of an electronic dance and hip-hop genre to their alternative rock sound. "Loyal Like Sid & Nancy" is an example of Foster The People's experiment with electronic dance, whereas "Pay The Man" and "Harden The Paint" are examples of a hip-hop influence. The album incorporates themes of love and politics. Mark Foster stated in the band's short documentary that the album, "will feature '60s-inspired sounds and a psychedelic influence." The band has definitely grown since their releases of "Torches" and "Supermodel. "I definitely recommend listening to this album, especially the songs: "Sit Next To Me," "Lotus Eater" and "I Love My Friends."

Weezer - Pacific Daydream

Weezer's new album, "Pacific Daydream," is the band's 11th studio album. "Pacific Daydream" was released on October 27th, 2017. This album has a different sound than the previous 10 and singer, Rivers Cuomo described the sound as, "reveries from a beach at the end of the world [... as if] the Beach Boys and The Clash fell in love by the ocean and had one hell of an amazing baby." Of the 10 songs on "Pacific Daydream," "Feels Like Summer," was the band's first single. I would also recommend "Happy Hour" and "Beach Boys," two awesome tracks from this stellar album! You can see Weezer in their 2018 tour with the Pixies all over North America.

ODESZA - A Moment Apart

Seattle's electronic duo really outdid themselves with their third album, "A Moment Apart." Not only has "A Moment Apart" been a hit with ODESZA's fans and a debut #3 on the Billboard 200, but the album was nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album at the GRAMMY Awards. Their song "Line Of Sight" featuring WYNNE & Mansionair was nominated for Best Dance Recording. The album consists of great beats and amazing features! The duo has toured throughout 2017 and recently announced more tour dates for 2018. I would definitely recommend seeing the band as they are known for their live performances or listening to "Late Night," "Across the Room" and "Higher Ground."

The Maine - Lovely Little Lonely

The Maine released their sixth studio album on April 7th, 2017 through their own independent label 8123. The band experimented with their sound more on this record incorporating punk, alternative rock, and pop influences. The song" I Only Wanna Talk To You "has even been compared to an Oasis sound. The song collection on the album is very different but flows in the perfect manner especially with the addition of three instrumental songs, "Lovely, Little," and "Lonely" to help the flow of the record. To promote their album, The Maine toured the United States and later embarked on a World Tour in which they had pop-up shops in certain cities to interact with their fans and sell new merch. Later in the year, the band also announced a U.S. tour where the band performed" Lovely Little Lonely and " "American Candy" in whole. I recommend listening to "Taxi" and "Do You Remember (The Other Half of 23)."

Coin - How Will You Know If You Never Try

Coin is an indie pop band from Nashville, Tennesse. The band released their sophomore album, "How Will You Know If You Never Try" on April 21st, 2017. The first single from the band's new album was "Talk Too Much!" "Talk Too Much "has a similar sound to their first self-titled album, whereas their second single, "I Don't Wanna Dance" has a very different vibe. Overall, this album gained the band more attention in the states and all around the world as it had very good reviews. I definitely recommend listening to this album or seeing the band on their upcoming U.S. tour."

The Amazons - The Amazons

The Amazons released a self-titled album on March 26, 2017. The band is from Reading, Berkshire, England and has an alternative rock sound. Their debut album has reached a lot of attention in the United Kingdom. Their growing attention has led them to be included in BBC's "Sound of 2017" and MTV's "Brand New 2017" lists! The Amazons were also a band to listen to in 2017 by NME, The Independent, and BBC Radio 1. I would definitely recommend listening to "Junk Food Forever," "Something In The Water" and "In My Mind!"

Sundara Karma - Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect

Sundara Karma released their debut album, "Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect" on January 6th, 2017. The band from Reading, Berkshire, England has an alternative rock and indie pop sound. Sundara Karma has gained a lot of popularity in the United States and the United Kingdom since their album release and frequent touring! The band has been compared to both Arcade Fire and U2. Check this band out and listen to "She Said," "Lose The Feeling" and "Loveblood!"

Coasts - This Life Vol 1

Coasts, a band from Bristol, England released their sophomore album, "This Life Vol 1 "on August 18th, 2017. The band followed their hard to beat debut and self-titled album with an amazing and experimental second album. Their second album heavily experimented with a dance genre. "This Life Vol 1" reached number 17 on the UK charts compared to their debut album which reached number 38. I recommend checking out these songs: "Heart Starts Beating", "Tomorrow" and "Let Me Love You." Coasts will be touring with The Hunna in 2018 in the United States and the United Kingdom. Both bands put on a phenomenal show, therefore I recommend seeing these bands together! The Hunna will be releasing a new album in 2018 as well and has already released their new song, "Summer."

Cover Image Credit: Lauren Hernandez

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13 Reasons Why Season 2 Of 'Riverdale' Will Never Live Up To The First

Maybe it's just that I had too high of expectations, but season 2A was a disaster.

I still remember finishing the last episode of season one of "Riverdale" and having to take a moment to understand what I had just witnessed. From Fred Andrews being shot to a father killing his own son because of a dark secret, there were so many details that I (and many other "Riverdale" fans) could agree made season one so gripping. So being a huge fan of the show, I was naturally excited to hear that season 2A was coming out sooner than I'd expected. Maybe it was the fact that I had too high of expectations, but season two was a disaster. And although I know most of these will be unpopular opinions, here are 13 reasons why season two will will never reach the level that the first season did.

Warning: there are spoilers ahead!

1. The teenagers are supposed to be sophomores. Sophomores!

The casting itself is not the issue, but the things the Core Four does outside of school are way beyond what sophomores do. First of all, sophomores don't have that much of a love life to be spending all of their time with their significant others. Secondly, the Core Four act like they know everything. Jughead believes he doesn't need anyone to take care of him and lives in a trailer by himself at 16 years old. Betty repeatedly disrespects her mother as if she's the head of the household (which I will get to in a second), and Veronica, though she swears she's trying to be a better person, insults anyone who begs to disagree with her. Again, especially with her parents. Finally, Archie thinks he's old enough to possess a firearm and walk around in the Southside owning the place. I definitely think the writers are forgetting just how immature the crew should really be.

2. The plot steered away from their lives as high school children.

Now, I know that the show is returning back to their high school lives in the second part of season two, but that's still not much of an excuse for the fact that high school was literally thrown out of the season 2A. Wasn't one of the best scenes in season one a dance-off between Veronica and Cheryl in the gym? Didn't Mrs. Grundy's plot line annoy everyone while attracting their attention at the same time? Why didn't their high school lives continue?

3. Veronica and Betty are too disrespectful to their parents. Especially Betty.

Being sophomores, they're all supposed to be around 16 to 17 years old. And they treat their parents like children. On Veronica's side, I have a bit of sympathy because her mother is willing to put her daughter through anything to get what she wants, and her father is notorious for how harsh he is. But with Betty, I expected better. Alice Cooper may be controlling, but she shows how much she loves Betty every time she worries about her safety, especially concerning the Black Hood. She wants her daughter safe, but her daughter doesn't see the pain that she feels.

4. Did they just completely forget Jason existed?

Hello? Jason may have passed away, but has his spirit disappeared from the show? I get that since he's gone, he shouldn't be the number one concern, but what happened to all this season one emphasis on keeping him in mind?

5. What is going on with Jughead? Are they together or not?

Yeah, yeah. I know they officially broke up, but before that? I had to stop at some points and literally ask out loud, "Are they together or not?" Betty wanted to distance herself from Jughead because of the Black Hood, but after that? Were they broken up after she told Archie to tell that to Jughead? Because I can definitely tell that saying "I love you" and constantly hugging don't exactly equate with being broken up.

6. Where's Polly when you need her?

Bye, Polly! Guess once you've left, no one really remembers you exist anymore.
On another note, the fan theories about Polly being the Black Hood are pretty interesting.

7. There are too many characters who are mentioned and never seen.

In simpler terms, we've had to wait too long! Chic Cooper and Jellybean Jones are who I'm talking about here, but Chic is coming to the show soon. All this waiting has really bored me because you hear their names thrown around on the show, and you feel giddy because you think they're going to appear. But they don't, and you can't help but feel disappointed.

8. Cheryl is a complex character who isn't emphasized enough.

I was actually excited to hear more from Cheryl because I'd only realized how biased my opinion against her was after finishing season one. She makes an appearance here and there, but I'd always wanted to know more about her complex relationships with her other family members and the specific backstory for why she was willing to help some of the same people she was constantly rude to.

9. Unpopular Opinion: Veronica doesn't know her place.

I never liked Veronica, but this season strengthened my dislike for her. She vowed to be a better person by coming to Riverdale, but she really isn't. She's still got those qualities of being a bully, like using insults as a defense mechanism and treating even the people close to her like trash. This description of her is biased, though, so it obviously doesn't include the good parts of her personality.

10. The children manipulate their parents too much to be considered family.

This is a little different from before since this is more than just disrespect. Cheryl's relationship with her mother is a prime example of this, but I agree that her mother deserves the hate she gets from both Cheryl and "Riverdale" fans. Cheryl used the money Penelope "earned" to blackmail her into telling Cheryl about the Sugarman, also relating to how Cheryl was helping someone she was also rude to. In Cheryl's case, I completely get how Penelope deserves it. But personally, I don't think Hermione Lodge is as bad as Penelope because she would save her daughter from a fire unlike Penelope would've done. Whenever Veronica threatens or manipulates her mother, I simply can't help but dislike Veronica more and more.

11. Varchie is too much of a physical relationship and almost nothing else.

"Varchie" is the fanbase's name for Veronica and Archie's relationship, and in my opinion, I'm disgusted by their relationship. It's nothing more than the physical aspect, and neither Archie nor Veronica understands the commitment it takes to make a relationship work on the emotional side. Archie is too dumb for it, and Veronica doesn't seem to want more than what they currently have. I'm glad they broke up because c'mon, did we really think they were going to get anywhere? They obviously didn't think so.

12. It's okay to not say "I love you" back.

I don't get how Archie can say "I love you" to Veronica and suddenly not bring himself to even look at her when she doesn't say it back. Is it really that bad that she can't say it? Before anything else, it's not like they were even close to being in love, and on top of that, it's okay to not reciprocate the other person's feelings. It doesn't make Veronica a despicable person and Archie a saint. It mean that they're on different wavelengths and need time apart to understand that they don't need to say those words to make the relationship work.

13. The plot itself just lacks the substance that the first season had with Jason's death.

Jason's death was a mystery that involved everyone in the Core Four, and it also played into their high school lives. Multiple times when I was watching the show, I was too bored to want to finish the episodes because there were too many plots going on simultaneously. The Core Four were too distant from each other, relationship statuses were a mess and there were inconsistencies in character personalities, especially concerning Cheryl. The plot didn't attract my attention. I didn't feel connected to the show, making it extremely difficult to enjoy.

In the end, I don't hate "Riverdale." I'm just really disappointed that I wasn't wowed like the first season had me. But because season 2B is meant to be more centered on their personal lives at school, I'll definitely be watching to see if I was wrong. Maybe season two will blow me away.

Cover Image Credit: Netflix / Riverdale

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