2016: A Year In Memes

2016: A Year In Memes

Showing the humour in our current situation.

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While many people on social media are proclaiming 2016 to be one of the worst years in recent history and are rejoicing in the imminent fresh start presented by New Year's, we have to take a moment to recognize the fact that not everything that happened in 2016 was negative. It's undeniable: many events were downright miserable and depressing, however, there were a few silver linings within that storm cloud of a year.

Furthermore, someone as internet-occupied as myself cannot help but recognize those aforementioned silver linings as the memes of 2016. It will forever amaze me how the internet can twist the unfortunate events that befell the world this past into hilarious, giggle-inducing entertainment.

So, without further ado, my summary of the best memes of 2016:

1. The Election

2. Kermit

3. Harambe

4. Lemonade (Rachel Roy)

5. Pepe

6. Tag yourself

7. The Oscars

8. Hotline Bling

9. Crying Michael Jordan

10. 2016

11. You vs. The other guy

12. Caveman Spongebob

13. Who can do both

14. Joe Biden/Barack Obama Bromance

15. Arthur

16. Haters gonna say it fake

17. Iconic Duo

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