April 9th-10th: USA Olympic Wrestling Team Trials
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April 9th-10th: USA Olympic Wrestling Team Trials

National Team SET and Next Steps for Qualification of Weight-Classes for Rio Games

April 9th-10th: USA Olympic Wrestling Team Trials
Tony Rotundo/WrestlersAreWarriors.com

Last weekend, the best wrestlers in the United States in the three international styles of Women’s Freestyle (WFS), Men’s Freestyle (MFS), and Greco-Roman (GR) met in Carver-Hawkeye Arena, on the campus of the University of Iowa, for the chance to represent the United States of America in the Olympic Games this August. These styles are unlike the scholastic/ collegiate style wrestled by the NCAAs, otherwise known as the US native “folkstyle.” After the destruction of FILA (English translation: Federation of Associated International Wrestling Styles) in light of the near-loss of "Olympic Sport" status after the London Games in 2013, the newly-minted international governing body of wrestling, United World Wrestling, altered the entire rule scheme across the three styles in an effort to modernize and return Olympic Wrestling to a core sport.

During non-Olympic years, the United World Wrestling Senior World Championships host 8 weight classes per style (24 weight class/ 3 styles). However, during Olympic years, as regulated by the IOC, the weight classes dwindle to 6 classes per style (18 total weight classes). Thus, 18 brackets were wrestled over the April 9th-10th weekend, with the finals a best-of-3 series between the two survivors of the day’s battle. Top 3 finishers in each weight made the national team, with the champion named the TeamUSA representative and Olympian.

Qualified for Rio Games = (*)

Women’s Freestyle









Haley Augello

Helen Maroulis

Kelsey Campbell

Elena Pirozkova

Tamyrah Mensah

Adeline Gray


Victoria Anthony

Whitney Condor

Alli Ragan

Erin Clodgo

Brittany Roberts

Victoria Francis


Clarissa Chun

Katherine Fulp-Allen

Randi Beltz

Mallory Velte

Randi Miller

Jackie Surber

Men’s Freestyle









Daniel Dennis

Frank Molinaro

Jordan Burroughs

J’Den Cox

Kyle Snyder

Tervel Dlagnev


Tony Ramos

Aaron Pico

Andrew Howe

Kyle Dake

Jake Varner

Zach Rey


Tyler Graff

Zain Retherford

Alex Dieringer

David Taylor

Dustin Kilgore

Dom Bradley










Jesse Thielke

RaVaughn Perkins

Andy Bisek

Ben Provisor

Joe Rau

Robby Smith


Ildar Hafizov

Patrick Smith

Geordan Speiller

Jake Clark

Caylor Williams

Adam Coon


Ryan Mango

Alejandro Sancho

Cheney Haight

Hayden Zillmer

G’Angelo Hancock

Toby Erikson

As of right now, 9 of the 18 weight classes for Team USA have been qualified for the Rio Games. The next step for the National Team is to qualify the remaining 9 weights, namely:

WFS: 48kg, 53kg, 58kg, 69kg

MFS: 65kg, 86kg

GR: 59kg, 66kg, 98kg

There are two (2) “Last Chance” Olympic Games Qualifiers as announced by UnitedWorldWrestling:

April 22-24: First Last Chance Qualifier Tournament (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)

-Top 3 placers in MFS and GR, Top 2 in WFS qualify their country (at their weight-class) for the Rio Games.

May 6-8: Second/ Final Last Chance Qualifier Tournament (Istanbul, Turkey)

-Top 2 placers in MFS/ WFS/ GR qualify their country (at their weight-class) for the Rio Games.

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