2016 People’s Choice Awards Highlights 1/10/2016
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2016 People’s Choice Awards Highlights 1/10/2016

The best moments of the PCAs that you might have missed or wish to re-live.

2016 People’s Choice Awards Highlights 1/10/2016

It is award season and what better way to kick off the year with the People’s Choice Awards. This year’s PCAs were hosted by Emmy-winner and former Glee star Jane Lynch. Many famous celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Shawn Mendes, Melissa McCarthy, Sandra Bullock, Meghan Trainor, the cast of Pretty Little Liars, and many more attended this year’s event.

The host Jane Lynch started off the show with a musical performance and kept the jokes coming. A little after her performance she made a parody of the incident involving Steve Harvey and Miss Universe which left some people shocked and others laughing.

The most talked about incident that happened on this year’s PCAs was the stage crasher that interrupted the ladies of The Talk who were accepting their award for Favorite Daytime TV Hosting Team. Somehow this stranger got on stage, shared his name, and gave a shout out to rapper Kevin Gates. Sharon Osbourne immediately began kicking him in the butt until he finally got off stage. Everyone was very shocked and confused, but that didn’t stop the ladies from proudly accepting their award.

On a lighter note, Ellen DeGeneres received the Humanitarian Award to honor the work that she has done to help make people’s lives easier. Melissa McCarthy presented this award and gave a very thoughtful speech about her friend Ellen. When accepting this award DeGeneres said, “It’s a little strange to actually get an award for being nice and generous and kind which is what we’re all supposed to do with one another that’s the point of being a human.” How can you not love Ellen after hearing her acceptance speech?

So you know how a song comes on when someone’s speech is getting a little too long? Well when the cast of Pretty Little Liars went up to accept their award for Favorite Cable TV Drama, Troian Bellisario was not so happy when they began playing the music. Bellisario flipped off the camera and said, “It says please wrap it up, so no, I’m not going to wrap it up because I’m talking about the fans and you are the reason that we are here.” Feisty, but that song was not going to stop her from letting their fans know how much they mean to them.

One of the last and most memorable moments of this year’s PCAs was when Vin Diesel went up to accept the awards for Favorite Movie and Favorite Action Movie for Furious 7. His acceptance speech got a bit emotional when remembering about the passing of Paul Walker, and he began singing ‘See You Again’ to pay tribute to him.

These were the most talked about incidents of this year’s PCAs, but let’s keep in mind that this was just the first award show of the year, who knows what the rest of this year has in store for us.

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