20 Relatable Posts For Bookworms
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20 Relatable Posts For Bookworms

It's all about that nerdy connection.

20 Relatable Posts For Bookworms

As an avid book reader and Tumblr user, it's always satisfying to find those posts that perfectly encapsulate some aspect of being a bookworm. It's a little reminder that someone out there understands the glories and excitement of reading, and shares in your experience.

1. Nerdy girls everywhere demand accurate representation.

2. I either book binge or take forever to pick one back up.

3. Now this is an awards show I'd happily watch!

4. Someone alert Hollywood to this genius idea...and pray they don't mess it up.

5. A book is best enjoyed when you're using your own imagination, not the movie cast.


7. Books may not be the best place to turn for flirting tips.

8. One of the biggest "wait, what?" moments of reading.

9. Sometimes the best books will rip your heart in pieces.

10. Oops...except not really #noregrets

11. Thank god some authors put pronunciation keys in the back.

12. DON'T DO THE THING...dammit they did the thing....

13. Minor characters are just as lovable as main characters.

14. Books are the best kind of addiction...and an expensive one.

15. Prepare to have your ears chatted off or be totally ignored. There is no in-between.

16. Fictional characters are just as real to us as human beings.

17. Everything needs to be worked out or I may cry.

18. We're 100% ready to bring our future kids into the Harry Potter fandom.

19. Books are endlessly amazing wonders.

20. Getting swept up in a book is easily the best feeling ever.

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