If you don’t know already, Shonda Rhimes is the creator and writer of Grey’s Anatomy, and I must say that she is a savage genius. She keeps her viewers on the edge of their seat, eyes glued to the television, and then at the last second rips out their hearts. And even though a lot of Grey’s Anatomy obsessors will say that the first six seasons were the best, she still keeps them wanting another season. She makes a medical drama apart of every fan’s lives. You want to believe that it’s apart of your life even though, spoiler alert, it’s just a television show. Shonda Rhimes you are the reason I need a glass of wine just to make it through each episode on Thursday night. The list can go on, but here are 20 times Shonda Rhimes ripped out hearts of avid viewers:

1. That time Meredith declared her love to Derek and he picks ADDISON.

2. The homemade bomb episode.

3. When Denny dies.

4. The ferry boat accident...

5. When Burke left Yang at the altar.

6. When two teenagers with the same brain tumor fall in love and the boy dies.

7. Any time a patient dies on an episode, ESPECIALLY a child.

8. When Izzie gets cancer and almost dies.

9. When you find out that George is the guy that got hit by the bus.

10. The entire shooting episode.

11. When Henry dies.

12.When Mark declares his love to Lexi and she dies.

13. When Arizona needs her leg amputated and everything goes down hill in her relationship with Callie.

14. The time when Mark was recovering great and then DIES.

15. When Adele dies.

16. When Christina leaves to work at Preston’s facility

17. When Jackson and April lose their son Samuel.

18. When Derek saves people from an accident and then gets hit by a truck and dies.

19. When Amelia comes to terms with Derek's death.

20. The entire episode when Meredith is abused by the nice guy who doesn’t know he is hurting her.

The list can go on and on thanks to Shonda Rhimes. But Grey’s Anatomy wouldn’t be what it is without her or all of the drama it embraces. Each episode brings in something new and just when you thought everything happened, something else does. And she really knows how to leave you hanging with those season finale cliffhangers!! Each time she kills off your favorite character, you want to be done with the whole show. But we all know that the next time an episode is on you will still be sitting on your couch with your eyes glued to the television. Shonda Rhimes we hate you and love you all at the same time.