1. When you're about to start the semester, and you already know it's going to be a mess

2. When the Powerpoint goes from "Syllabus" to "Chapter 1" on the first day

3. When the professor says participation is mandatory

4. When you try to earn that participation grade by speaking up in class as much as possible

5. When you go to buy your books and realize you're about to lose your entire savings account

6. When you try to make friends in all your classes

7. When you should be doing homework, but your friend wants you to go out

8. When your friend convinces you to go out

9. When you and your friend finally show up to the party

10. When you wake up on Sunday and realize you have a test Monday that you haven't studied for yet

11. Finally cracking open that textbook and actually understanding the material for once

12. Reading the first question on the exam and realizing you know nothing

13. What your professor looks like when they hand back your exam, and you didn't do well

14. When you show up to office hours to beg for extra credit

15. When your professor says there is no extra credit

16. When it's towards the end of the semester, and your stress is getting the best of you

17. When you're in the middle of finals week and drowning in work

18.When you hand in your last final exam for the semester

19. When you're heading back home for break

20. When you realize you're just going to do the entire thing over again next semester