Every college student has been there. You reach the point in the school year where everything good starts to rapidly decline.

Homework piles up. You’re broke. Your summer bod that you worked so hard on has suddenly been altered from too many late night Dominos’ deliveries.

To prove that you’re not alone, here is a list of things that every college student has regretfully admitted to saying.

1. “I meant to go to bed earlier last night.”


It’s 2 a.m. already?!

2. “I desperately need a nap.”


Preferably at least 4 hours.

3. “Should I skip class?”

The answer is usually no.

4. “I fell asleep in class again.”

I was just resting my eyes.

5. “Where did all my money go?”

Food, alcohol, something you most definitely did not need on Amazon.

6. "I'm starving."

But also too lazy to make my own healthy meal.

7. "I'll probably just order food."


Dominos order online option is just too convenient to pass up on.

8. "Is it Friday yet?"

Wait, it’s only TUESDAY?

9. "I really need to stay in this weekend."

Catch up on homework and sleep. Who knows? Maybe I’ll read a book.

10. "Yeah OK, fine. I'll go out."

FOMO is real people and friends are very convincing.

11. "I'm never drinking again."

Roll Eyes

Yeah, OK.

12. "It's already midterms week?"

Where did the semester go??

13. "Wait, we had homework?"


Probably should have checked the syllabus.

14. "I'll just do that later."

Procrastination Nation.

15. "I should have done that earlier."

What’s the record for most amount of bullshit written in 30 minutes?

16. "I should probably work out."

Walking up that flight of stairs should not have made me this out of breath.

17. "I just want to lie in my bed and watch Netflix."

My bed looks sooo good right now.

18. "Let's go get ice cream."

Screw the gym!

19. "I'm too young to be an adult already."

I miss the days when my biggest responsibility was being the line leader once a month.

20. "I miss my mom."

In need of some mom hugs right about now.