20 Things You'll Miss When You Go To College
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Student Life

20 Things You'll Miss When You Go To College

Adulting isn't all fun and games.

20 Things You'll Miss When You Go To College

Going to college is a big change, and you're probably going to miss quite a few things from back home. It's OK, though! Just enjoy college while you're there, and you can indulge in everything you missed when you visit home again. Plus, you'll appreciate the little things so much more after spending time without them!

1. Sleep.

Better get your sleep time in now, because you won't have time for much of it when you start class. Between studying, extra-curricular activities, and maybe a little partying, it'll be hard to find time to squeeze sleep in the mix.

2. Mom's cooking.

You may have hated it at home, but sometimes you just miss mom's home cooked meals (even if you knew they weren't really home cooked).

3. Extra spending money.

In high school, most of your bills are paid for. So, the money you earn is fun money. When you get to college, every penny counts -- you probably aren't getting that pair of shoes or the newest game without saving up for it first.

4. Advice from you parents.

Sure, you may not listen to it most of the time, but when you have to start making adult decisions on your own, you think about how it would be nice to have your parents by your side helping you make the best choice.

5. Someone to take you to your doctor appointments.

You actually have to make an appointment, sign yourself in and tell the doctor what's wrong with you, all on your own. It sucks not having someone to do it for you.

6. Having someone to fill out your paperwork.

Being an adult involves filling out various paperwork. You have to figure out how to file taxes, apply for scholarships and make a resume. Unfortunately, you can't just hand it off to your parents anymore.

7. Mom telling you to do your homework.

You actually have to take responsibility, and make yourself take care of business. Mom isn't there to force you to do it. So, you have to make time and get it done without being told.

8. Your favorite food joint.

Sometimes, you just crave that one family owned hamburger joint that you just can't match in your new college town.

9. Your pet.

Honestly, saying goodbye to your pet is probably the most difficult part. Get ready for the waterworks now.

10. Your hometown friends.

You have so many memories with the people in your hometown that you just can't find in your new friends. They're great too, but sometimes you just need to be with the people who stuck with you through your awkward middle school years.

11. You dad's jokes.

Dad jokes are just great, and your dad's are obviously the best. Sometimes, you just miss hearing "Hi, hungry, I'm Dad!" every time you complain about being hungry.

12. School providing your textbooks.

Textbooks are really, really expensive. You realize that you took those old, torn up textbooks you were just given in high school for granted.

13. Fights with your siblings.

Even though you get angrier with your siblings than anybody else on this planet, the way you guys can snap back and be best friends again five minutes later is something you begin to miss.

14. Family movie nights.

It's nice to just spend a night at home with your family and just watch a movie. You won't get to spend nearly as much time with them once you leave, and you'll start to miss them pretty quickly.

15. Someone paying your bills.

You've spent 18 years with someone paying for your rent, electricity, cable, WiFi and just about everything else. You appreciate that a lot more once you're trying to make rent, and eat more than just ramen.

16. Hugs from mom.

Sometimes, after a long week or especially bad day, you just want a hug from your mom. It's OK though; you can just Skype her instead.

17. Late night talks with your siblings.

It doesn't matter how tired you'll be in the morning. When you guys are finally getting along, and talking way past your bedtime, it's worth it.

18. Being 15 pounds lighter.

The freshmen fifteen is real, guys. You'll look back at your beach pictures from last semester and wonder where the time has gone.

19. You can't use your parents as an excuse to get out of going out.

You have to make a new excuse, because saying, "Sorry, my parents said no," just doesn't work anymore.

20. Being a kid.

You have responsibilities now, and you're on the road to becoming a full grown adult. Learning how to do things on your own is the first step. So, embrace your new life and become responsible -- but don't forget to have fun!

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