Here are the 20 things I wish I would have brought to college BEFORE I moved in!

1. Scissors

My roommate and I always needed scissors when we moved in so we had to go to our neighbors when we first moved in.

2. Nail Clippers

Even to go around my hall NO ONE HAD THEM. So my roommate and I went and bought our own.

3. Ibuprofen

Everyone has pain some days, we just forgot to bring some...

4.Mulitcolored Pens

I learned my first 8 weeks that color coating is the way to go when you are writing notes, I had to go out to buy some multicolored pens because I was tired of looking at the same black, blue, and red ink.

5. Extension cords

We were always just out of reach of the power outlet

6. Power strip

There was never enough outlets in the room to fit our needs

7. Electric kettle

*Easiest way to heat up water for Ramen*

8. Britta Picture

You DO NOT want the dorm tap water


You always need extra lighting at your desk


My roommate and I forgot to buy light bulbs for our lamps...

11. A FAN

Your dorm will be VERY HOT AND YOU WILL FEEL LIKE YOU ARE DYING, so please bring like 3 fans.


I am always cold so I keep heater under my desk for the "cold" fall days

13. Tape

You will want to "fix" things that require tape to fix

14. A Stapler

There are no staplers on campus, you have to search high and low to find one. So, now I keep one in my bookbag and one at my desk.

15.Dish soap

When you want to do dishes, it is kind of strange to ask the "floor mom" for dish soap

16.Shower shoes

Please bring them, the floors are gross..

17. Command Strips


18. Extra Phone Charger

You constantly lose it.

19. A comfortable chair

I constantly drag my comfy chair around the hall to sit in other peoples room.

20. Tool Kit

To take apart the things that I don't want together (safety bar on the bed)......