20 Things You Know You Shouldn't Do But Do Anyway
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20 Things You Know You Shouldn't Do But Do Anyway

Sometimes the little devil on your shoulder is really convincing.

20 Things You Know You Shouldn't Do But Do Anyway
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As an intelligent human you know the difference between right and wrong, but sometimes your superego lacks. You recognize an action as wrong but choose to preform it regardless. It's like you have selective hearing when it comes to listening to your conscience. You may not do everything on this list, but everyone has their weak moments.

1. Using Your Phone Right Before Bed

It's a fact that it can easily cause restless sleep but I mean come one, who doesn't scroll through Facebook or try to beat their high score in Candy Crush before resting their eyes?

2. Eating Food Before It Cools Down

There's literally nothing worse than having a delicious plate of food placed on the table in front of you at a restaurant and then seeing the scorching steam emitting from it. You know it's going to burn your tongue if you don't wait to eat it but you just can't wait and dive right in. You instantly regret it as your mouth feels like a fire was set in it.

3. Manually Fanning Yourself

While trying to cool down by waving your hands in front of your face, there's always that one "know-it-all" that will see you. They decide to annoyingly inform you that doing so actually makes you hotter because you're "working up a sweat". You do it regardless because you are in denial and just want to cool down.

4. Using Tanning Beds

It's been proven to lead to melanoma but some people just can't stay away from the coconut scented death beds.

5. Swimming After You Eat

As children your parents constantly warned you to wait at least 30 minutes to swim, after eating. This panic has slowly died down over the years, but you still always tried to find a way out of it.

6. Peeing In The Pool

This is obviously unsanitary but a lot of people do it anyway. This one is really at your own risk since I know I'm still convinced urine turns the water bright blue after watching the movie "Grown Ups".

7. Eating Snow

You know to stay away from any discolored patches, but you really shouldn't be consuming any snow at all. Even though it comes from the sky it's not exactly pure. But there's something so satisfying about taking a big bite out of a freshly made snowball.

8. Procrastinating

This often can lead to rushing, which leads to all nighters, which leads to being exhausted, but you can't help but put off whatever it is that you need to do, until the last possible minute.

9. Repressing Your Feelings

Every psychologist will tell you that it's unhealthy but not all of us have the ability to be a complete open book.

10. Searching For Your Christmas Presents

Curiosity probably did kill the cat, or in this case ruined its holiday. You're so anxious to know what you're getting that you resort to hunting down your gifts. If you do find them, you realize it was a mistake when you end up having no surprises left on Christmas.

11. Jaywalking

You see the crosswalk just 50 feet to your left but you take the lazy route and sprint across the middle of the street to get to the other side. You know it's illegal but it doesn't really seem that bad until you get a hefty ticket for it.

12. Letting Your Phone Charge Overnight

You know it shortens your battery life in the long term, but it's just too convenient for you to give up doing.

13. Watching Scary Movies Before Bed

This is usually an internal battle. It starts with you telling yourself you know it isn't smart, but the devil on your shoulder tells you to watch it ASAP because it's supposed to be a great movie. Next thing you know you're up at 3 a.m. staring at your ceiling, wide awake, wondering when the demons are coming to take your soul.

14. Slouching In Your Chair

From a young age you're taught to sit up straight in your chair so you don't get bad posture, or even worse, scoliosis. But the lazy part of you is just too comfortable looking like a hunchback to change your ways.

15. Hitting Your Snooze Button

Right as you hear that annoying alarm go off you tell yourself to get out of bed, but then you realize how cozy you are under your warm blankets and hit the snooze button. An hour later you wake up again and now you have 5 minutes to brush your hair, grab a granola bar, and sprint out the door to make it to school or work on time.

16. Cracking Your Bones

Unless you're a certified chiropractor you definitely shouldn't be readjusting your back or neck yourself, but you just can't stop because the mix of habit and relief makes it irresistible.

17. Eating After 8 p.m.

You read all the articles that tell you it'll encourage weight gain, but your always present urge for a midnight snack is too strong to ignore.

18. Blast Your Music

Your parents told you to not listen to your music on max volume because you'll blow a speaker, or even an eardrum. There's just something about the bass booming so loud you feel your car or room shake that makes you continue to do it anyway.

19. Sneaking Snacks Into A Theater

Almost every theater you go to will have a "no outside food or drink" policy. You choose to ignore that and stop at Walmart before the movie to buy cheap candy instead of spending $5.00 on a single box of Milk Duds (seriously though what is up with that).

20. Consuming Caffeine In The Afternoon

You know it's a bad idea to drink that 3rd cup of coffee at 2 p.m. but you just can't seem to fight your afternoon tiredness and chug it down anyway.

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