20 Things Every Teenager Should Do During The Summer
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20 Things Every Teenager Should Do During The Summer

12) Stay out late watching the sunset.

20 Things Every Teenager Should Do During The Summer

The summertime is the three months you get to let loose and have some fun! Every day is a Friday and there are endless possibilities for what you can do each week. For when you feel like you're running out of ideas, here's 20 things every teenager should do at least once during the summer:

1) Go on a hike, preferably with a gorgeous waterfall

2) Late night road trips just because

3) Go to the shore weekly

4) Find a drive in theater

Hint: There's one in Orange County, NY.

5) Play paint twister

6) Have a paint water balloon fight

7) Do a color run

8) Road trip out of state with your best friend and loads of snacks

9) Visit haunted locations

10) Go camping

11) Go to a summer concert

12) Stay out late watching the sunset

Or wake up early to watch the sun rise.

13) Relive your childhood and catch some fireflies

14) Swim in a pool after dark

15) Pull all nighters as often as possible

Extra points if you're with your best friends!

16) Watch scary movies in complete darkness

17) Take a risk or conquer a fear

18) Document your happiest moments

19) Don't care what others think

20) Have fun!

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