20 Things to Remember and Do When You Are Flying Back Home
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20 Things to Remember and Do When You Are Flying Back Home

What to pack, how to pack, what to bring, and remember to do when you are flying back home.

20 Things to Remember and Do When You Are Flying Back Home

I have been traveling and moving around a lot in my life since I was three years old so I have picked up a few things along the way. And with the holidays being here, traveling will be happening a lot especially around the airport! In fact, I will be traveling very soon as well.

Here are 20 things for you to remember and do when you are heading back home: airport style.

1. Make a checklist of everything you need to do and pack!

Having a physical copy of everything you need to pack and do before you leave is a huge help! It helps relieve any stress or last minute hiccups that happen along the way.

2. Get rid of anything that you have not worn, that has been ruined, or that you do not need.

I know it seems weird, but when you go on a trip you pack certain clothes, yet you find yourself not wearing that one shirt or that one pair of shorts. And let's be real- if you didn't wear it during the vacation or for whatever reason you traveled for, then are you really going to wear it any other time? So just give it away and make room for anything else you may have bought. And the same goes for anything that is ruined- you can't use it again, no matter how many times you try to convince yourself you will. Just do yourself and your closet a favor and throw it out.

3. Pack the things you are no longer using (at your location) at least a week or two in advance.

This saves you time and space for wherever you are staying. I mean, if you can't wear them anymore, why just have them laying around? Pack it up and, hey, that's one less thing you have to pack or worry about.

4. To minimize the amount of space you are using, roll up your shirts and pants, place socks in shoes, and place underwear on pants when you roll them up.

I am not kidding. This will not only save you space but money. Because not every airline is like Delta and gives you the first checked bag for free. If your bag is overweight, you will be charged extra which can be anywhere from 25-100 dollars (depending on how many bags you have). As a plus, this also allows you to pack in more stuff.. can anyone say shopping?

5. Print and double check your itinerary!

This is super important! When the date is getting closer to you heading home, you want to make sure that you know where and when you're flying out and landing. This way you can tell the people who need to know and as a careful reminder to yourself.

6. Ship anything that you can't fit into your bag and breakables.

This way, you have room for other stuff, and you don't have to worry about it breaking on the plane or anything like that. This also makes sure you get to keep the items that wouldn't fit.

7. Whatever you ship, make sure you ship it at least a week before your flight and make sure it's not something you'll need right away!

You can never be too sure when the package will arrive whether to delays from weather, national disasters, or just getting lost. And sometimes, depending where you are shipping it from, it can take a while for the package to arrive. So figure out how long it will take your package to arrive at your home and ship it that many days before you get home. However, whatever you do ship, make sure it is not something you'll need right away because if the package takes longer or gets delayed there's nothing you can do about it.

8. Put breakables (like mugs, plates, photos, or pretty much anything that can break or is valuable) in your carry-on.

I personally do this because I do not know how my checked bag will be treated when it gets into the plane. They could just throw it in and then I'm left with broken plates or a broken mug. So the more valuable it is or the more breakable I keep it with me on my carry on because then I know where it is and in what condition. And, hey, if it breaks then that's on me. Just make sure you still pack it to where it will not break and it will be safe.

9. Check the TSA site to see if some of your items can be put in your carry-on and/or your checked baggage.

This is extremely important! I don't know if you've been through it, but if you have something on your carry-on or even your checked bag that not TSA approved or regulated not only is it embarrassing it's such a hassle! So just save yourself time and money and check the My TSA app online to see what you can and can't bring. And in case you were wondering- yes, you can bring mugs, photos, glass photo frames, plates, and things like that in your carry on.

10. Pack your bags in layers, especially the carry-on.

This just makes it easier on the TSA agents when they're checking your bags because nothing is obstructed from view or seems like you were trying to hide it. It also saves some time when they are checking your bag, so that's a double plus.

11. Begin packing the rest of your stuff at least two or three days in advance.

I personally do this because it makes it easier for me. I don't feel as stressed about packing, and I then have time to do other stuff I need to do such as shipping items, mailing letters, and make sure I have everything ready. This also allows the day you leave to be less of a hassle because you have everything ready so you're not running around and leaving late.

12. Pack hygienic items last!

You are still going to use them the day you leave! So make sure to leave those items out and just pack them after you get ready in the morning or afternoon on the day you leave.

13. Make sure all liquids in the checked and carry-on bag are put in a 1 quart/liter bag and 3.4 ounces or less (only for the carry-on bag).

This is also to make it easier for the TSA agents who are checking your bag. It shows them it is all in one central location and they can see it clearly. You also have less of a chance of it exploding in your bag and getting everywhere. Do this for the checked and the carry on bag, but make sure the liquids in the carry-on bag are 3.4 ounces or less! Otherwise, it will be thrown out which is a total waste of money!

14. Double-check that you have everything.

Go through the list you made and make sure you packed everything that needed to be packed and shipped everything that needs to be shipped. Pull a Santa Claus and check it twice. You don't want to leave anything important behind.

15. Confirm your ride from and to the airport.

You want to make sure that you ride whether it's yourself driving, a friend, a family member, or a riding company has a functioning car and is still coming to drive you to the airport or from the airport. Confirm this at least three days in advance that way if anything goes wrong or if there's last minute changed you have an alternative way to get there.

16. Make sure you have a valid form of photo I.D.

Because if you do not, let's just say you may not reach your flight. So double check that you have a valid picture I.D. whether it be a drivers license, a state I.D. or a passport. You can also check on the TSA websites to see what constitutes as a valid I.D.

17. Make sure you bring snacks that are not liquid or gels. (If they are, they have to be 3.4 ounces or less).

Anything that is dry food is perfectly acceptable for your carry on. Just make sure it's packaged appropriately so either in a plastic bag or in its original packaging so it not only keeps your bag clean but others as well and so it doesn't damage security equipment. Some examples of what you can bring are cookies, pretzels, gummy bears, candy corn, any candy, pies or cakes as well. However, pies and cakes may require additional screening and they would actually be considered as a carry-on. So you can't bring anything that's liquids or gels which includes pudding or yogurt. If you really want to bring that, then they have to be 3.4 ounces or less, or you have to buy it from the airport.

18. Check traffic and weather before you leave.

You want to do this to see if you need to leave any earlier or to see if your flight might be delayed or even canceled. If the weather is severe call your airport or the flight company you're flying with to see the flights status.

19. Leave at least two or three hours in advance.

This is smart in case there's traffic, if security check takes too long, or if there's a really long line. That way, you have enough time to get to your flight on time.

20. Once you arrive at the airport, have your boarding pass, ticket, and I.D. on you at all times!

Okay maybe not in your hands the whole entire time, but keep it close and easily accessible because you're going to need it a lot especially if there are more than one stops.

Well, there's my 20 pieces of advice for those of you who are traveling or will be traveling home. Have safe travels and Merry Christmas!

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