Having curly hair is difficult. There's no easy way to say it. Whether it is waking up early to blow dry and straighten your hair or breaking numerous combs or having 15 different detangler products in your cabinet, it is quite hard to manage. Through all this though, having curly hair is something special that only people with curly hair will really understand.

1. Before deciding to straighten your hair, you check the weather for the next three days. If there is any chance of rain or humidity, you completely abandon the idea.

2. Getting the backhanded compliment of “Your hair is so poofy!" Ugh, go away.

3. For Christmas or for your Birthday, you always ask for a new Chi straightener.

4. You ALWAYS have a hair tie on your wrist. (And one in your purse for when the one on your wrist will probably break.)

5. Going to the hair salon to get your hair blown dry straight is your favorite day.

6. EXCEPT when they ask you, “Where's your natural part?"

7. You refuse to shower for at least three days after getting your hair done (no judgements).

8. You can relate to Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries before her makeover.

9. Driving with the windows down is just a no go for you.

10. Travel Size Conditioner is more of a "One Time Use Conditioner" for you.

11. You are satisfied with having permanently fried ends of your hair the rest of your life from applying so much heat.

12. Dry shampoo is your best friend to hide the three days of not washing your hair.

13. Whenever other girls say something like, “I wish I had your hair," you just laugh in your head and think they are absolutely crazy.

14. A morning with curly hair is like a box of chocolates: "You never know what you're going to get."

15. When you straighten your hair, no one will shut up about how your hair looks so much better like that.

16. You can never try a new hairdresser. Once you find one that works, you are bound for life, or until they move.

17. Brushes are a joke.

18. Wherever you go in public, someone has to touch the curls — this isn't it an invitation, back off please.

19. Bangs and curls just don't mix.

20. You completely envy the girls with perfect beach curls because you know that you'll never get your hair to look like that (and if you do manage the loose curls, they will undoubtedly fall in 30 minutes).

To all my curly hair people, we have something special that no one will quite understand. Always remember that we are all in this together and whether curly or straight, we are all beautiful in our own way!