20 Things I Learned My Freshman Year Of College
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Student Life

20 Things I Learned My Freshman Year Of College

The cold hearted truth and behind the scenes of freshman year.

20 Things I Learned My Freshman Year Of College

Knowing what to expect from your freshman year can be very tricky. Every single person experiences college in multiple different ways. Some have the worst times of their lives while others are off wishing it would never end. Before my freshman year, I couldn't wait to break away from the comfort of the city I've grown up in. I couldn't have been any more excited to start my new journey and explore what college life had to offer. However, looking back at the past year as I'm about to start my sophomore year of college, I realize just how many lessons freshman year has taught me.

1. Get involved.

If theres one thing I regret not doing more often the very first semester, it would be not getting more involved in things on my campus. Second semester I started going to a lot more events and joined clubs, making my first year experience a whole lot better. Involvement is so important, and a huge way to make new friends.

2. Absolutely do not burn bridges with anyone you come in contact with.

If you go to a small school you'll find out right away that you tend to run into the same people constantly. Doesn’t matter who it is, just don't burn bridges. Always treat people how you want to be treated and with respect. You’ll be at that school for a long four-years, don’t make your life harder by having to avoid certain people.

3. Save your money!

I can not stress this enough! If you aren't working once the school year starts, save the money you make during the summer. It may be a pain but trust me you'll be thankful you did when your midway through semester and cant even afford a pizza your craving. You may think you wont have the need to spend a lot of money while at school since you have a meal plan, but you'll find out soon enough that theres only so much dining hall food your body can handle. More importantly, when saving your money make a realistic weekly budget for yourself once the school year begins. You could go from $300 in your bank account to $0.67 real quick.

4. Be careful who you date, dating within your dorm is never a good idea.

It doesn’t matter if they guy down the hall or in the building next door looks like a model or even is the sweetest guy you have met, think before you go for it. Lets be real, it most likely will not end how you hoped it would, resulting in you either taking the stairs for the rest of the year or dealing with awkward encounters in the elevators. With that said you could also be the very fortunate who finds their soul mate during your college years.

5. Say yes a lot more often than you say no to plans.

In college there are new opportunities waiting to be taken every minute. You have one life, so live it up to the fullest! By doing this you decrease the amount of times you regret not participating in something. Would’t it be nice to live every day without thought of what could have been.

6. You’ll find the one person who will truly make your year unforgettable

Without a doubt I couldn't picture surviving the first year without my suite mate Savannah. We immediately created a bond, making her a part of my family for years to come. There’s nothing I cherish more than our memories created during out late night food runs and also on Spring Break. The endless support, pep talks and random noted of motivation before a big exam from her is what kept me going. You may not think it, but everyone will find that one person or even maybe a few within the first few weeks of college.

7. Yes the Freshman 15 is not a myth-- it's actually more like Freshman 30-- but who cares?

There’s no point in stressing yourself out over what your eating, trust me you'll have enough stressing out to do throughout college. The best thing you could do is just enjoy yourself and don't think gaining weight is the total end of the world. Embrace the Freshman 15, just means you were enjoying yourself! Accept every part of yourself and be proud!

8. This is just the beginning so live in the moment while learning from your mistakes!

College automatically comes with mistakes, its inevitable so just go along with it and learn in the long run!

9. Strolling into class looking like a total scrub is 150-percent normal and actually encouraged.

We all have those days especially mid winter where its difficult to get out of bed, never mind get up and put actual decent clothes on. In college every outfit of choice is supported and encouraged. You could walk into class in a Snuggie and slippers on and people would actually be envious of you, wishing they had thought of that. In high school you most likely felt as if people judged you based on what your wearing, thats the total opposite case once you get to college.

10. Your professors do not care if you pass or not, so try your hardest for your benefit.

This isn't high school anymore. If you chose not to show up to class, study for an exam or even not pass in a paper that does not affect your professor but it does affect you. The professor could care less if you don't pass in something, that just means one less thing they have to grade.

11. Take advantage of the extended library hours during finals week!

I could never stress this enough! They don't just extend the hours for the hell of it, its for our benefit. Trust me you can achieve so much more work while sitting down in the library rather than attempting to do it while nice and comfy in bed with distractions all around you.

12. Do not be that freshman who wears their lanyard with your school ID attached around your neck!

No this will not happen.... Yes a lanyard is a necessity for college, however just carry it rather than around your neck. Lanyard around your neck is a flashing sign that you are new to the college lifestyle.

13. Photograph every single moment that happens, you’ll thank me later.

More pictures the better! These are the pictures of the memories you’ll be telling your future husband and kids some day!

14. Study groups are a key to success while in college… end of discussion.

15. If extra credit is offered please do yourself the favor and Do it!

The simple five or 10 bonus points could do wonders for your grade. It could even prevent you from failing a class if your in that situation.

16. Utilize the amazing website ratemyprofessor.com

This site could truly be a lifesaver, helps tremendously with what class you should take based on the professor teaching it.

17. Don’t be unfriendly and awkward!

When your on the elevator with someone else don't just avoid eye contact, attempt to engage in a conversation even if its a simple hi, how are you. You never know where you’ll make your best friends, don't miss an opportunity. Some of my best conversations have happened on the elevator going to my room.

20. Please hold the door open for people.

I don’t care how much of a rush you are in to get to class, do not close the door right on someone. I could not count the amount of times this has happened. Is it really that hard to hold a door open? And to the very few people who do hold the doors open for people, thank you!

19. Keep your syllabus handy.

Your syllabus for every class will be your best friend! Some teachers can try to be sneaky never reminding you of upcoming deadlines, only stating it in the syllabus. Therefore invest in a calendar and first thing you should do is write down every deadline for every class.

20. Become friends with as many RAs as possible.

They are people too, most of them are actually pretty cool you'll find out.

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