Every summer, Georgia Southern's campus gets extremely empty - in comparison to its fall/spring enrollment, that is. For the most part, students take the summer off to enjoy things like vacations, or to beef up their resumes with things like internships and summer camp jobs. Nonetheless, every August, Georgia Southern's Eagles come back - and chances are there are just a few things you missed about our little town.

1. El Jalapeno's Happy Hour

2. Student Discounts ALMOST Everywhere

3. Gnats Karaoke Night

4. Your Friends

5. Tailgating

6. The Bars

7. Actually Having Things To Do

8. Parties in Burkhalter

9. Pool Hopping

10. Socials/Formals

11. The Shopping

12. Gnats' Fried Pickles

13. Locos' Wings

14. Club Hendy

15. Parkers Fountain Drinks

16. Freedom

17. Cookout

18. Okay, Food In General

19. Sweetheart Circle

20. Statesboro

We love it, we hate it... and if we're being honest - it's our home.

Cheers to another year! Hail Southern! Let's GATA!