As I prepare for that day that is only a few weeks away, the "cliche" sentiment that I've always disregarded in the past holds true - college flies by. Four years may sound like an eternity but in retrospect it feels like it was over before it ever truly began. Whether you believe it or not, time is ticking away and you'll thank yourself as a graduating senior if you make the most of it. Here's how:

Learn how to make coffee. You'll need it.

Make sure you know how to do laundry before going to school instead of waiting.

Accept that your college ID photo will be terrible but you'll treasure laughing at it later in life.

If you're not a morning person, don't schedule early classes. No matter how much you believe you'll go, you won't.

Go to office hours! It may be what makes or breaks your GPA. Also, check in with your advisers every semester to make sure you're on track and in the right classes for your major.

Just because you can skip most of your classes and can get the PowerPoint presentations or notes online doesn't mean you should.

Use highlighters and note cards all the time.

Grades are not everything! They're still important but remember to find a balance between fun and work.

Take advantage of having a campus health center.

Call your parents every once in a while.

At some point try and get a good night's of sleep in.

Take advantage of anything free that your school offers (swag, food, etc.) and take it all!

If you have the opportunity to work or study abroad, do it! It's a once in a lifetime experience!

If there's something you don't like at school or in your community, change it.

Make connections that will benefit both your personal and professional life.

Do things that help you stand out.

Get an internship and as much experience as you can.

Don't miss out on the college experience by going home every weekend.

Take care of your mental health. Ask for what you need or seek it out.

Last but not the least, allow yourself to change and grow.

Make sure to keep in mind these things to making the most of your experience which, in turn, will help you learn lessons that will last a life time.