20 Things I've Learned By 20
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20 Things I've Learned By 20

Here's to the best decade of your life.

20 Things I've Learned By 20

I entered the second decade of my life a few months ago and it has proven to be one of the toughest years of my life. I'm still trying to grasp on to the fact that I've left my teen years and I'm now an adult. The lessons I've learned in my short life have had a lasting impact on me. Here are 20 things I've learned in my 20 years.

1. Being an adult is hard.

Whether it’s paying your bills or remembering to schedule your appointments (let’s be honest, we never remember), it’s all hard to keep up with. You’re getting there though, slowly.

2. Your best friends are your family.

They’re always there for you, without question. They know you better than you know yourself. Over time, without you really noticing, they become your family.

3. Family is so important.

Your family will always be there no matter what. Cherish all the time you get with them. Hangout with your parents. Talk to your siblings. Remember to call your grandparents.

4. Go on adventures.

Always try to explore new things. Be it, a hidden and local boutique or the world around you. There are so many places to see. Grab your necessities and get out there.

5. Always choose kindness.

Try to always be kind to others. A little kindness goes a long way. You never know how your compliment, smile, or brightness could impact someone’s day.

6. Eat healthy and exercise.

It’s good for your health, body, and mind.

7. You will fail.

You will go through crappy points in your life. Nobody is perfect and no one has a perfect life.

8. But you’ll pick yourself up.

You learn that these things will pass. You can always find a way out of this. The most important part is you learn how to fix your mistakes.

9. Mom and Dad are always right.

They’re never wrong. Take their advice and listen to everything they’ve ever said.

10. It’s okay to cry and feel things.

Sometimes you need to cry. Crying is okay. Crying will make you feel better. Expressing your feelings are never a terrible thing and they don’t make you weak.

11. Alone time is a necessity.

Spend the day under the covers and don't have an excuse. Spend your entire day off binge-watching your favorite t.v. show on Netflix. You need your alone time to survive,

12. You’ll find love.

You will find an all-consuming, messy, and passionate love. When you find it, don’t let go. Hold on for as long as you can. Cherish the person and their love.

13. Don’t try to change people.

Stop trying to change people. Don’t try and make them better people. People can’t change unless they’re willing to change themselves. Focus on changing and improving yourself.

14. That change is inevitable.

You’ll change. Your friends, boyfriends, and family will change. Everything will change. Learn to accept those changes and adapt to them.

15. Let go of the toxic people in your life.

Let go of anybody who makes you feel like you’re doing more wrong than good. The ones who are constantly left hurting you. You’ll learn to let go of the people that are not meant to be in your life.

16. Be nostalgic.

Look through old photos and compare your different selves. Read old notes and letters. Stay up late and reminisce with old friends, your siblings, and your parents.

17. Life is short and it goes on.

You may have bad days, but they’ll always pass. Life is short, so live every moment as if it could be your last.

18. It’s okay if you don’t have things figured out.

You’re young and not expected to have your whole life figured out. You don’t need to know exactly what you want to do in your life. Take your time and figure things out when you’re ready.

19. Always be yourself.

Don’t let anybody, including yourself, ever talk you into changing yourself. You’ll always be perfect the way you are. Never let that go.

20. You’re finding your place in the world.

No one teaches you how to really be an adult out in this crazy world. It’s up to you to figure everything out. Turning 20 is a little crazy, but knowing that everything is up to you is a great feeling. You get to determine what path you want to take and how to shape your own life.

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