20 Things You Should Know Before College That I Didn't

College is one of those experiences in which someone can tell you a million things about, and what to do or what not to do, but you can never figure it out until you're actually in college. This is definitely true for many, if not most, people because it's a new place, you're away from home and you're finally on your own.

To some people that can be a scary thought and cause them to be uneasy, but for others it is the most exciting time in their life. For me, I was somewhere in the middle. Although many people warned me or excited me about college here are some things I wish I would have known before I started attending Mississippi State University.

1. You need a raincoat and rain boots.

2. Never underestimate the power of your procrastination.

3. Procrastion isn't always key.

4. You might need to study harder in college than high school.

5. Grades aren't the end all be all.

6. However, grades are important.

7. If you don't make a friend the first day, try again.

8. Sororities aren't everything and a bag of chips.

9. Be your own person, and don't let letters be the judge of that.

10. If you someone asks you to do something that you haven't tried, try it (if it's legal).

11. Sometimes it's okay to just have a movie day.

12. Don't let homework overtake your life.

13. However, don't disregard homework.

14. Nap whenever/wherever you can.

15. Call your mom, dad, and siblings every now and then.

16. Go to the gym every now and then.

17. Take some time for yourself.

18. But also, make time for others.

19. Don't sit in your room.

20 Have fun!

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