Every time a frat boy opens his mouth, either something hilarious, Twitter-worthy or flat out stupid typically comes out. Most of the time, all three of these things are combined into one.

These are the 20 most common frat boy phrases that most of us have heard at one point in our lives. The phrases explain themselves and are for your pure enjoyment. Gotta love them frat boys.

1. Referring to the fraternity house as a "frat-castle/mansion."

2. “Hey beautiful” (sends as text message to every girl in phone)

3. "The better you dress, the worse you can behave."

4. "Sup bro?!"     

5. "Do you have any post-workout? I’m trying to get swole."

6. "That’s so not frat."     


8. "Do you think if I throw up, I’ll be able to drink more?"

9. "Should I order the mint green polo or George W. Blue?"

10. "Is he wearing cargos?"


12. "Nah, I could easily drive right now."

13. "I think I’m still drunk from last night."

14. "Let's go get Taco Bell."

15. "I am way too sober for this party."

16. "F*** this. Let’s go to the bars."

17. "It depends on who my big is as to how much beer I drink."

18. "I have 99 problems, and pledges are every single one."

19. "I can assure you, we have a strict no hazing policy."

20. "You’re the only girl I am talking to."