20 Struggles All Book-Lovers Know

20 Struggles All Book-Lovers Know

Too many books? Yeah, right.

There are people who like to read, and then there are people who love to read. Although everyone goes through reading slumps, you always find yourself coming back to books because they're amazing. Here are 20 things you've definitely experienced if reading was your home.

1. You're always advertising reading to your friends

It's great, you just have to find the right book and you'll be hooked.

2. Sometimes you buy too many to keep up with

They keep piling up and you're trying to keep up, but you're not sure you can.

3. You keep getting more books anyway

Yard sale books are basically a steal, you can't turn them down.

4. You love the library

Even though you basically have your own library at home.

5. You respect Hermione's hustle

That girl had so much knowledge at the tips of her fingers and she took advantage.

6. The phrase "too many books" doesn't exist to you

Can there be too much happiness? I think not.

7. Nothing can distract you when you're in the middle of reading

You've got your groove on.

8. A book is a great gift for you

It's all you really need, especially if someone gets a title you've been waiting for.

9. You never get rid of your old books

The Harry Potter series? Still got em. The billion other series you read in middle school? Also still got em.

10. You're always waiting on book releases

As soon as you here the date your favorite author is releasing a new book you mark it on your calendar.

11. Matilda was also your girl

Characters who read like that are rare, but they are gems.

12. You reread your favorite books constantly

There's something new to notice every time.

13. You wish you could re-read books for the first time again

Rereading is great, but there's something about the first read rush that can't be replicated.

14. Taking a trip = reading time

Car sickness can take a backseat to the novel you've been waiting to get your hands on.

15. Beach day = beach reading

You can even take an aesthetic picture for your Snapchat.

16. Sometimes you just need alone time

With your books.

17. You can't pick your favorite

There's too many greats, it just depends on the day.

18. You're kind of a reading snob

As annoying as it is, you can't watch the movie without reading the book.

19. You've taken an aesthetic book pic

Do it for the 'gram.

20. You get a little judgmental

You just want to be able to talk about your favorite books with your favorite people.

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15 Favorite Songs From The 1970s That Are Still Worthy Of Listening To Today

A list of songs form the 70s that I absolutely adore.

The 1970s is one of my favorite decades of the 20th century and the music from that time is a huge part of why I love it so much. Thanks to my mother and grandmother I grew up listening to music from the 70s and I have a long list of songs that I adore from the era that never fails to make me fall in love with music all over again.

1. Running on Empty- Jackson Browne (1978)

This song made it into the top 100 the year it was released and spent seventeen weeks as number 11 on the charts. Rolling Stone ranked it as 496 on the list of "The 500 Greatest Songs of all Time" and it is one of Jackson Browne's most popular and widely known songs. People often recognize it from Forrest Gump because it is the song that plays when Forrest is running across the country.

2. Night Moves- Bob Seger (1976)

This song was Bob Seger's first hit single in seven years. It tells the story of two teenagers who "fell in love" in the early 1960s from the perspective of an adult who is looking back at that time in his life.

3. Chevy Van- Sammy Johns (1973)

Another top hit from the early 70s this song made an impact on many people at the time it was released due to the new ideas of sexual liberation and the story that the song told.

4. Take Me Home, Country Roads- John Denver (1971)

When this song was released it was an instant success and soon became John Denver's most popular and widely known song. It was especially loved among West Virginians and remains popular around the world today.

5.One Toke Over the Line- Brewer and Shipley (1970)

This song was the greatest success for sing- songwriters Mike Brewer and Tom Shipley. The song is about drugs, mostly marijuana, and according to Shipley was based on the idea that "too much of anything will probably kill you". Accordingly, the idea for the song came to the two of them while they were high in Kansas City, Missouri.

6. Take It Easy- Eagles (1972)

Written by Jackson Browne and Glenn Fry the song became a signature song for the Eagles and the town of Winslow, Arizona erected a life-size statue and mural on the corner which is supposedly the one mentioned in the song.

7. Rock Me Gently- Andy Kim (1974)

A Billboard #1 Hit in 1974 it was Andy Kim's first song on the chart in three years and he financed the recording session for the song himself.

8. Sweet City Woman- The Stampeders (1973)

This song, which uses a banjo as the primary instrument, was a #1 hit in Canada and made it to #8 in the United States.

9.Dancing Queen- Abba (1976)

Despite being Abba's only top hit in America after the song was released in Sweden where it was originally produced, it became a worldwide hit and is still widely popular and well known today.

10. Say You Love Me- Fleetwood Mac (1975)

Written by the group's singer Christine McVie this song is one of the group's most popular and it was used as the title song for their 1975 album which helped contribute to the album's success.

11. December 1963 (Oh What a Night) - The Four Seasons (1975)

12. Recorded by the country duo in 1975, the song made it into the weekly top 100 lists in eleven different countries.

13. One Love- Bob Marley and the Wailers (1977)

Released as a single by the Wailers in 1965, the 1977 version was a remake of the song for the album Exodus While the song expresses Bob Marley's ideas that everyone should stop fighting and live peacefully, there is also an underlying idea that sinners will be punished for their deeds. It reached #5 in the UK in 1984, three years after Bob Marley's death.

14. Isn't She Lovely- Stevie Wonder (1976)

This song was written by Stevie Wonder to celebrate the birth of his daughter. Although the song was very popular it did not make it into the Top 100.

15. Bridge Over Troubled Water- Simon and Garfunkel (1970)

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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Our Many Moods Throughout The Day As Told By Cardi B

Washpoppin' babbyyyyy??!!

At this point in my life - the final four months of my college tenure- Cardi B is definitely my spirit animal. She is one of the most real, relatable, and down-to-earth celebs there are out there right now. When one thinks of Cardi B, one can expect a straightforward person who calls it like she sees it and is always in defense mode should you attack her.

Below are some of the most relatable Cardi B moments that we face throughout our day:

This is you starting our day off on the right note. Coffee in hand and we expect to have a prosperous and productive day. The grass is green, the sky is blue, what could possibly go wrong?

This is when you meet someone who could possibly pose a threat of any kind. This is when you out up you go on the defensive and start marking your territory. You assert yourself and sometimes you size up the person with whom you are conversing.

But, then you remember that you are damn powerful, beautiful and glorious in all the right ways and the competition has nothing on you.

This is the stank face that we give anyone who disagrees with our method or doing things or when things are just not going our way. It is the moment when we decide that our ideas may not be the best (but just for that day), but will never share that out loud to make you 'win.' Never accept defeat.

Someone must always come along to irritate us throughout the day. They complain that you are either not smiling enough or tell you you are being mean. But did I stab you? Of course, this is not literal, but.... did I?

This is your mood when someone tries to play you and you are just not having it. So you just tell it like it is. Your feelings have no space or relevance in my life and therefore, no fucks are given today.

The final mood is when you've had enough with people and their antics, so you have to inform them that you are not to be trifled with because the beef can be real. And, it is FOREVA!

Of course, you must end your day on a positive note. Cleanse your mind, thoughts, and body of all the toxicity that you've experienced throughout the day and say "Girl, bye!"

That is until the next day when the cycle starts all over again.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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