20 Songs To Listen To While Consumed With Rage
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20 Songs To Listen To While Consumed With Rage

20 lovely angry tunes

20 Songs To Listen To While Consumed With Rage
Vein, Vein's bandcamp

With a lack of time, or indeed ideas for good, substantial articles, I've opted instead to pen a barebones listicle. Angry songs have been a large part of my life ever since 2010, and thus I have quite a bit of experience in the area. They're all really bastard heavy tunes from subgenres of metal or hardcore that pretty much exist here as a collective list because I'm a fan of all of the artists mentioned and needed to write something this week.

1: Vein: Ideation: Self Destruction

White hot noise, like a precise distillation of The Dillinger Escape Plan on Calculating Infinity and the first Burnt By The Sun EP

2: Glassjaw: Siberian Kiss

Daryl Palumbo's finest aggressive vocal performance bar none.

3: Love Lost But Not Forgotten: Perfectly Fucked

One of the most intense bands under the "emoviolence" banner, merging the sharp guitar lines of Raein with the grinding brutality of a Usurp Synapse.

4: Will Haven: I've Seen My Fate

Big riffs played really loudly with a scary man shouting over them.

5: Harms Way: Amongst The Rust

Groovy, bouncy, malevolent metallic hardcore from Chicago.

6: Street Sects: Featherweight Hate

Scary industrial noise.

7: Youth Code: For I Am Cursed

Scary industrial noise but with a more danceable edge.

8: American Me: Said Nothing Began Firing

An overlooked classic in the field of dirty hardcore, American Me had the street level punch of a band like Bury Your Dead but with the aggression and lairyness of a more metallic band.

9: Behemoth: Slaves Shall Serve

A death metal classic, from the Sumerian chanting at the start to the furious blastbeats and Nergal's feral growl.

10: Throats: Fuck Life

A UK grindcore/powerviolence classic right here folks.

11: Brotherhood Of The Lake: The World To Me

The most horrible guitar tone ever put onto record.

12: Mastodon: March Of The Fire Ants

Big riffs are the best, get high all the time.

13: Employed To Serve: Watching Films To Forget I Exist

Lovely angry mathy chaos.

14: Nails: You Will Never Be One Of Us

Grindy, nasty, sonic hostility.

15: Knocked Loose: Deadringer

Lovely heavy breakdowns.

16: Bury Your Dead: House Of Straw

Menacing, malicious, street level hardcore.

17: From A Second Story Window: I Tried Voodoo Once

Chaotic, nasty early deathcore.

18: Ion Dissonance: You People Are Messed Up

The finest synergy of mathcore chaos and deathcore heft ever achieved.

19: Fear Before The March Of Flames: The 20th Century Was Entirely Mine

More lovely mathy noises with a theatrical edge.

20: Eighteen Visions: Motionless And White

Chain Reaction metalcore from Orange County with big hair and an even bigger bite.

So there you have it, 20 angry tunes that aren't just AMVcore or whatever kind of spiteful tune has made it into the charts from across the spectrum of heavy music.

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