20 Signs You Grew Up In Las Vegas
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20 Signs You Grew Up In Las Vegas

If you grew up in Sin City, you'll know what I'm talking about.

20 Signs You Grew Up In Las Vegas

I remember getting to college and dreading telling people where I was born and raised. Ever since I can remember, I've gotten a slew of reactions when I answer "Las Vegas." College was no different than summer camp -- everyone looked at me like I was some type of mythical creature. Yes, people do live in Las Vegas. Yes, I did go to school. No, I did not grow up in a hotel. These phrases came out of my mouth as if I was on autopilot by the second week of school. So, for the rest of you that were born and raised in Vegas, here are 20 things that we all can relate to.

1. You know not to take a Friday flight home.

2. You don't understand the concept of stores, restaurants, or really anything "closing."

3. You've never Snapchatted, Instagrammed, or Tweeted about the weather. Because it is literally always hot.

4. You don't know anyone that lives on the Strip.

5. You rarely actually go to the Strip.

6. You have never had a home team for basketball, baseball, football... or any sport, actually.

7. You don't understand the concept of paying for parking, parallel parking or looking for parking, in general.

8. You do understand the concept of valet because there is valet everywhere.

9. The airport, grocery store, and pretty much everywhere else has slot machines.

10. You hate Bishop Gorman. Unless you went to Bishop Gorman.

11. You've never beaten Bishop Gorman in anything.

12. You had to do a "Nevada Project" in the fifth grade.

13. You know the Adventure Dome and Wet N' Wild sound mildly fun, but you also know you're more likely to get stabbed than have fun there.

14. You hate tourists more than you hate anything.

15. You have heard people scream "VEGAAASSS" far too many times in your life.

16. People who pronounce "Nevada" "Nevahhhda" are the bane of your existence.

17. You've had to explain to people that just because you live in Las Vegas doesn't mean you were raised inside a casino or a club.

18. People constantly ask if they can crash at your house for their 21st birthdays once you hit your junior year of college.

19. You've always understood that tipping isn't just polite, it's expected.

20. Going home for the holidays is a lot more fun for you than it is for your classmates.

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