20 Signs That You Are the Ultimate Music Nerd

20 Signs That You Are the Ultimate Music Nerd

8. A lot of your stories begin with the phrase, “One time in choir,” or, “One time in band…”

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There are some people who diligently plug in their headphones when they go for a jog or study in the library. They browse through radio stations in their car, hoping to find the right tune. They know the words to most of today’s popular songs, but neglect to think beyond what baselines will make their car speakers vibrate the most.

There are those of us who don’t just appreciate music; we live for it. Music guides us through both our best and worst days, whether we need an uplifting power anthem, an angry rock song, or a sentimental ballad. We believe that it is acceptable to listen to music at almost any time of day. We know the words to today’s pop songs, some classic 80s tunes, Broadway soundtracks, and so much more. We don’t just sing in the car; we dance and harmonize. Being a music nerd is the best unpaid full-time job you will ever have. There are numerous and clear differences in how we express our music nerd tendencies, but here is a list of statements that the majority of us can relate to.

1. There are certain songs that give you literal chills.

2. You sing to the radio as if it is an actual performance.

3. You harmonize with the vacuum, microwave, or other appliances.

4. You know the name of a song after listening to it for only 3 seconds.

5. You listen to the music channels on TV instead of watching shows.

6. There has been at least one time in your life when you were so entranced by your music that you blocked out whoever was talking to you.

7. You hear a song by a new artist that catches your attention, and you immediately listen to every song on their album.

8. A lot of your stories begin with the phrase, “One time in choir,” or, “One time in band…”

9. You appreciate the acoustics of specific places.

10. You will always have a soft spot for Disney and/or High School Musical soundtracks to the point of leading a spontaneous sing-along with your friends.

11. When you are having a conversation with a friend, and they unknowingly quote the lyrics of a song, you immediately begin to sing that song.

12. A summer without an outdoor concert is incomplete.

13. Sometimes you are overly critical of a person’s vocal or instrumental techniques.

14. You spend a good portion of your free time making playlists. A playlist, after all, is a form of art.

15. You respect everyone who has perfect pitch.

16. You know music is a necessity for long road trips.

17. You analyze song lyrics just as intensely as you study a textbook.

18. Sometimes you make musical observations out loud, such as recognizing an accidental, which confuses your friends.

19. You have woken up at 3 AM and decided to write your own song right then and there.

20. You constantly search for fellow music nerds.

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