Let's be real.... college can be rough.

However, there are many beautiful moments in one's college career that need to be cherished. While some are big, some may seem small, although, they really make a difference in your day.

Here are 20 of my own personal favorite and most satisfying feelings discovered over the course of my college years thus far.

1. Getting out of class a few minutes early...

2. ... and consequently being the first one in line at Jittery Joe's or Panda Express.

3. Your first class getting canceled.

4. Or your last class getting canceled.

5. Any of your classes getting canceled, tbh.

6. Making the bus you were sure you were going to miss.

7. When you run for the bus and the driver actually waits for you.

8. When it stops raining right before you leave class, or right as you have come inside.

9. Immediately finding an open study room.

10. Getting a good grade on the test you were certain you bombed.

11. Finding extra money in your back pocket to spend on food.

12. When you accidentally left your laundry in the communal machine too long, but no one threw it on the ground (sweet dorm life).

13. When hell week is over.

14. Actually checking everything off of your to-do list.

15. Sleeping in on Saturdays.

16. Making it into bed by 11 p.m. and not being up doing homework all hours of the night.

17. Getting to hang out with your friends after a long test week.

18. Free food, anywhere and anytime.

19. No early morning Friday classes. Enough said.

20. Actually feeling prepared for your test.