20 Saints You Should Become Friends With
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20 Saints You Should Become Friends With

I get by with a little help from my friends.

20 Saints You Should Become Friends With
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Saints have always been a controversial topic regarding the Catholic Church. However, our answer to this misconception lies in explaining it simply and easily. Saints, in the simplest definition, are like wingmen and women for us to God. They're your friends who, if you ask nicely, will talk to the Big Man upstairs in your name. Here are 20 well-known saints to make your friend!

1. St. Thomas Aquinas

Patron Saint of Universities and students.

Feast Day: January 28

2. St. Cecilia

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Patron Saint of musicians.

Feast day: November 22

3. St. Francis of Assisi

Patron Saint of animals, merchants and ecology.

Feast day: October 4

4. St. Therese of Lisieux

Patron Saint of the Missions.

Feast Day: October 1

5. St. Padre Pio

First stigmatized priest in Church history.

Feast Day: September 23

6. St. Teresa of Avila

Patron Saint of headache sufferers and Spanish Catholic writers.

Feast Day: October 15

7. St. Augustine

Patron Saint of brewers.

Feast Day: August 28

8. St. Bernadette

Patron Saint of illness, people ridiculed for their piety, poverty, shepherds, and Lourdes.

Feast Day: April 16

9. St. Francis Xavier

One of seven to found the Jesuits.

Feast Day: December 3

10. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Patron Saint of in-law problems, the death of children, widows, death of parents, and opposition of Church authorities.

Feast Day: January 4

11. St. Peter Claver

Patron Saint of African missions.

Feast Day: September 9

12. St. Gianna Molla

Patron Saint of mothers, physicians, and unborn children.

Feast Day: April 28

13. St. Pope John Paul II

Patron Saint of World Youth Day.

Feast Day: October 22

14. St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Patron Saint of services, tertiaries, widows, and young brides.

Symbol of Christian charity.

15. St. Josemaria Escriva

Founder of Opus Dei.

Feast Day: June 26

16. St. Dymphna

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Patron Saint of those suffering nervousness and mental afflictions.

Feast Day: May 15

17. St. Thomas More

Patron Saint of Lawyers.

Feast Day: June 22

18. St. Maria Goretti

Patron Saint of youth, young women, purity, and victims of rape.

Feast Day: July 6

19. St. Catherine of Siena

Patron Saint of fire prevention.

Feast Day: April 29

20. St. Philip Neri

Patron Saint of Rome.

Feast Day: May 26

It is in every person's vocation to be a saint. Let us pray with the communion of saints for patience, peace, humility, kindness, love, and joy!

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