20 Reasons Brooke Davis Is The Kind Of Woman I Want To Be
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20 Reasons Brooke Davis Is The Kind Of Woman I Want To Be

"Brooke Davis is going to change the world someday, and I'm not sure she even knows it."

brooke davis from one tree hill

Yeah, I know she is a fictional character in fictional town where a fictional book was written about her, but that still doesn't make the way she flourished from high school to motherhood any less inspiring.

You've watched B.Davis grow through nine seasons, 187 episodes and ten years of age. She went from impulsive, party girl, cheerleader Brooke Davis to intelligent, successful, entrepreneur Brooke Penelope Davis-Baker. It's hard to believe it's been three years since The CW and fans across the globe said goodnight and goodbye to the once almighty Tree Hill, North Carolina. Even now, the life lessons the writers brought to life through the lives of seven young adults trying to find their way through their twenty-somethings are still in the spotlight as more and more people connect with "One Tree Hill."

It was impossible not to love her. We fell in love with her strength, grace, beauty, willpower and her courage. We watched her rise up through her most painful moments and were in awe of her success — through the years I've never seen a more complete person than that of Brooke Davis. So here are twenty reasons she is everything I aspire to be in life.

1. She proved that you are not who you were in high school. You are not a stereotype or a walking statistic.

She was the dumb, party girl who didn't care about school until she almost didn't graduate. While everyone else was moving forward with their own lives she had no future plans until her dream finally came true–Clothes Over Bros took off and she began her new life in New York.

2. "She grew more in two years than anyone I had ever known"

She went from party girl to Student Council President. The following gifs align for the speech she gave Principal Turner about herself when she revealed that she took the key and cheated on the exam so that Rachel could graduate.

3. She is the best friend anyone could ever ask for.

She let Peyton be with Lucas even though she was in love with him. She never turned her back on anyone, not even Rachel after she stole from her, turned to drugs and threatened her company.

4. Her selflessness is both admirable and inspiring.

She stands up for her friends and family despite the shit they put her through. She is forgiving as hell but she never forgets. Not the fact that her best friend married her first love, not the man who attacked her or that she grew up with everything except love from her parents.

5. She never leaves.

Not Peyton, not Rachel, not Lucas or Haley, not Millie or Mouth, not Sam or Alex or Julian, not Nathan or Jamie or even her parents. She didn't even leave Tree Hill–well she did for New York but she came back. She is one of the few that stuck around for everything, was there for everyone no matter what.

6. She made us all feel OK for being who we are.

For most girls growing up we fed into stereotypes and the "ideal" girl based on the opinion on boys and that was wrong. Brooke made me feel OK for being sassy and mean when I needed to be, she made me realize as a woman I should demand respect because "I am who I am, no excuses" and that I'm gonna make myself proud one day.

7. She is firm but assertive.

She didn't hold her tongue, she said what everyone else was afraid to say. She spoke for people who didn't have a voice, or who were too scared to use it. She didn't take anyone's crap and she stood up for herself no matter what.

8. She is a perfect role model

She wanted more than anything to be a mom, but she was told she couldn't have children so she tried to adopt and when that didn't work she took in Sam, a 15-year-old homeless student of Haley's. She opened her home to a stranger, she provided Sam with love and affection and the courage to meet her biological mother.

9. She deserved to be loved. She wanted love. More than anything she wanted a family.

She never had her parents around when she was growing up so she practically raised herself. She just wanted to have a family so she could be a better mother than she had.

10. She was there for Haley when Lucas left Tree Hill.

The departure of Lucas Scott broke teenage hearts everywhere. When Lucas and Peyton left Tree Hill after Season Six Haley and Brooke both lost their best friends, people that had grown up with luckily they had each other. Brooke once again put aside her heartache to help those around her.

11. She saved someone's life.

She became the second most important woman in James Lucas Scott's life. The relationship between Brooke and Jamie happens to be one of my favorites on the show I mean she did design his racing outfit and made capes for everyone at school. She was not only his godmother and his aunt Brooke, she risked her life to save his. Then Julian swooped in and saved both. Special shout out to Julian for then helping save Nathan.

12. She never settled for anything less than she deserved.

For once a female character had enough poise to live life for herself, she was independent and breathtakingly beautiful. She was intelligent and strong-willed. The writers wrote her character beautifully because she flourished in the most inspiring way. So to the writers, thank you for creating a character like Brooke.

13. She was strong for herself and for those around her.

Strength has never looked better than on her. She was everyone's shoulder to cry on and always seemed to know what to say and when to say it. She fought back against her attacker and rose up through her hardships. Every single one of them and came out even stronger than before.

14. She showed us that when life gets rough there's always a bottle of wine calling your name.

What better way to get through a family dinner than drinking wine straight from the bottle, who needs a glass right? Wine cures everything except the wine hangover you feel the next day.

15. She proved that you can never overdress or undereducate.

She built a fashion line from the ground up–twice and became the most successful fashion designer in New York City. The moment she walked into a room it lit up, her fashion sense was off the charts and her intelligence was beyond 12th-grade calculus.

16. She has the kind of confidence I only dream of having

So many girls struggle with self-image issues and if we all had the confidence Brooke has the world would be a much happier place, girls wouldn't tear each other down so much and we could be comfortable in the way we look. One day I will be as confident as her and I can't wait for that day.

17. She is the most forgiving person.

She has been stabbed in the back so many times but chose to look past it because her heart was in the right place. She is stubborn as hell but she finally opened her heart up to love even after she made herself believe she was never going to be enough.

18. She showed us all that life is bigger than you and me.

She showed me how to have faith in myself, in my future, in the fact that things will work out. She showed me exactly the type of woman, wife and mother I hope to become someday. She overcame everything life threw at her.

19. She finally found happiness and got her happy ending.

Nobody was more deserving of a happy ending than her. She went through so much heartache and loss and was deprived of love her whole life it made her feel worthless but she never let it show. She spent so much time being unhappy that when she finally caught a glimpse of it she had no idea how to let herself be happy until one day she finally got it.

20. She proved that success means nothing if you have no one to share it with.

She guarded her heart so long and so hard she almost missed out on the love of her life. Congratulations you finally got the boy and the baby, Brooke Davis-Baker.

Here's to the girl behind the red door. The girl who made us love whole-heartedly, the girl who made us laugh and cry. Here's to the girl who made us all want to live in a fictional town on the coast of North Carolina. I love you, B.Davis!

Wherever you go remember, there is only one Tree Hill.

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