20 of the Most Useless/Interesting Websites for When You’re Bored
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20 of the Most Useless/Interesting Websites for When You’re Bored

Procrastination Level: Expert

20 of the Most Useless/Interesting Websites for When You’re Bored

If you’re like me, it’s much easier to procrastinate than to be productive. Generally speaking, this is a bad thing. But thanks to the internet procrastinators like myself are usually the ones to find the pointless, random, weird, and interesting websites that may be overlooked by others who are more focused on completing tasks rather than avoiding them. So I decided to open your eyes to some of the weird and wonderful in our online world. Some are cute, some are fun, and some are downright strange, but I bet most of them will be new to you.

1. KittenWar:

Just pick the kitten you think is the cutest. That’s it. There’s no trick to it and no one wins anything. Just a bunch of cute kittens. This website works best for when you are feeling a bit down. Kittens and babies make everyone smile.

2. Cubicle Freakout:

Losing your mind in your boring 9 to 5 job? Stuck in that damn cubicle the whole time? Really wish you could break everything around you without getting fired? Well, you can’t, but this little waste of time could help relieve some stress. Just click on items in your online cubicle to freak out on then pick up your PC, run down the hall and throw it out the window. The game will then give you a destruction score, a throw distance score, and estimate your level of frustration before suggesting a particular calming activity dependent on your level of stress.

3. Hacker Typer:

It’s basically nothing but a black screen that types code in green like in the movies. You just hit random keys and it shows up looking like you are typing some sort of intricate code like in a 90s cyber movie. It’s a truly pointless waste of time but can be fun when used to trick older relatives into thinking you are some sort of computer genius.

4. Press the Spacebar:

An incredible waste of time and energy. See how many times you can press the spacebar on your keyboard in a specified number of seconds. Then try and beat your previous score.

5. The Kanye Zone:

I know I’m not the only person in the world fed up with Kanye’s Kanyeness. This game asks you to keep Kanye out of “his zone.” If you are able to block him from getting into the zone his face explodes into money $ign$. It’s mildly entertaining and worth wasting a few minutes on, plus you get to hit Kanye West in the face.

6. Eel Slap:

It’s so weird. So very weird. On eelslap.com you do exactly as the web address says… slap some guy with an eel. It’s a video of a guy. Getting slapped. In the face. With an eel. It’s something you never thought about, but I bet your curious now. What if I said that you control the slap? Well, guess what? You determine the speed of the video using your mousepad. Give it a try.

7. Shut Up and Take My Money:

This is an awesome website with the most unique collection of everything you never knew you needed in your life. However, the prices are outrageous (in my view). Either way, it’s a great website to find some exceptional items, then you can search for them on Ebay or Amazon for half the price or start a DIY project and make some of them yourself.

8. Staggering Beauty:

It’s so weird but you just can’t stop. I recommend using sound and avoiding it completely if you are epileptic. It starts semi-normal; odd, but normal. There’s a black wiggle worm looking dude that you shake using your mousepad. When you shake the wiggle worm quickly insanity ensues. It’s something you just need to see for yourself.

9. Filler:

This game is pretty addicting and harder to win than it sounds. The goal is to fill up 2/3 of the screen area with the filler balls, that you create by holding down the mouse, while avoiding them being popped by the bouncy balls that are flying around the screen. You have a limited number of lives and filler balls each round. If you’re strategic enough you can make the filler balls huge and trap the bouncy balls between or beneath them, making it easier to beat the round. I was able to make it to Level 11 using this strategy before I lost.

10. Will You Press The Button?:

I’m sure most people have heard of this one but it’s still a great time waster. The game asks if you would press the button to gain something -but- something not so great will happen as an effect of your gain. Would you still press the button? Is it worth it?

11. I Waste So Much Time:

The ultimate waste of time. You’ve got your general funny videos and images, then your memes and GIFS, and the ability to randomize what you see or submit your own thing worth wasting time on. You never know what you’re going to see next which makes it hard to leave. You just have to see more.

12. Draw A Stickman:

Another old but fun website is drawastickman.com. You draw your stick man (or woman) then go on an adventure. You interact with the storyline by drawing new things when your stick person needs assistance. There are even different options for your adventure: Episode 1, Episode 2, Original Epic, and soon Epic 2. It’s a silly and fun way to waste a few minutes.

13. The Useless Web:

Literally one webpage. You just click the “Take Me to Another Useless Website” button and it opens a new tab that contains a completely useless website. Each site being stranger than the last and making you wonder who would actually take the time to create such a ridiculous website and why the hell you can’t stop clicking that damn button to see another one.

14. Shower Thoughts:

A compilation of every weird thing you have ever thought, and never thought about thinking, with a sprinkle of Tumblr. This website will make you go, “Huh. Well that actually makes a lot of sense.”

15. FmyLife:

Anyone can submit a FML but only some make it past the moderators to be shared with everyone. Then, folks like you and I are able to vote on the FML using one of two buttons: “I agree, your life sucks” or “You deserved it.” And yes, sometimes they did. You can even moderate FML’s when you’ve finished reading the posted ones!

16. Imgur:

My personal favorite of all websites. You will see some amazing things, and somethings you wish you could un-see. Imgur is great for a laugh or a cry, it will give you useful information, like where to find low cost textbooks, and lifehacks, like how to store plastic grocery bags so that they are not just stuffed in a drawer. They also have a soft spot for Bill Murray, Michael Cera, and Bill Nye the Science Guy. But be warned, Usersub can be a scary place, as any Imgurian knows. I would not recommend entering Usersub after dark. Seriously, people are weird in there.

17. Reddit:

On Reddit you can find everything from random funny stuff to world news. I swear, there is a category or subcategory for everything under the sun. You can get lost in this website for hours. In the IAmA category you will frequently find famous people, professionals, and celebrities being asked questions by Redditors in a sort of online interview fashion. It’s really quite interesting to see. Most recently, IAmA’s were given by Chef Gordon Ramsay, the University of Glasgow Scientists that are researching the Zika Virus, the mother of a 3 year old with cystic fibrosis, a Journalist who became a guard to investigate corporate-run prisons, a U.S. Army Combat Medic, Actor Tommy Chong, a Dentist, Comedians Bo Burnham and Jim Gaffigan, an Alzheimer’s Expert, and a Syrian refugee.

18. This is Sand:

Do you remember going to carnivals as a child and getting the little jar that you could fill with colored sand? Well, this is that, only on your computer. You can build pretty sandcastles on your computer. It’s surprisingly good for stress relief.

19. Sporcle:

A metric ton of quizzes on every conceivable subject. Test your knowledge of Geography and History or just mess around in the Music or Television quiz categories. No matter what you are quizzing about, you are sure to be entertained.

20. Pointless Sites:

An enormous collection of some of the most useless yet mildly interesting/entertaining websites on the internet. Some will make you cringe, others will hypnotize you, most you’ve probably never heard of before. What’s the point of the internet if we don’t explore it, right?

Procrastination isn’t always a useless waste of time to avoid getting work done. Sometimes it becomes your work.

Cat Tax brought to you by Cat Bounce: Just bouncing cats. That’s it.

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