20 Monthly Subscriptions For Under $30
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20 Monthly Subscriptions For Under $30

For those on a tight budget here are 20 monthly subscriptions boxes that cost under $30.

20 Monthly Subscriptions For Under $30
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College students and even high schoolers are always on a tight budget, so they can save money. The thing is, we all want more for less, right? Well now you can. These monthly subscriptions allow you to receive more for what you pay and even save you from buying products that might not work for you!

Here's 20 monthly subscription boxes that cost less than $30:

1. Snackcrate $14 (Mini), $26 (Original)

A monthly snack box that ships snacks from different countries around the world. When you sign up they ask you for the size you want, you are given a choice of three countries, you choose the country, and then they ask if you want a drink upgrade for $6. The shipping is free and your first box is at a discounted price!

Referral Link: http://snck.us/kiri28406

2. Ipsy $10

My personal favorite for makeup subscriptions. Each month Ipsy sends a super cute clutch stuffed with high-end beauty products for hair, skin, and makeup! Each bag contains five products and are styles to your skin and hair. You also entirely customize what you like to get from brands to types of products. The best part is you review the products you receive and get points towards each! With the points, you can then redeem for an extra beauty product of your choosing!

3. Birchbox $10

Monthly subscription for makeup that offers samples. This subscription allows you to try out expensive products before you go buy the full size and realize you may not like it! Each box comes with four to five samples that range from makeup, skincare, haircare, and more. Typically, the samples come in a variety from small to deluxe to the occasional full size product. If you subscribe for the annual box you get one month free!

4. Birchbox for Men $20

Same as the women, but products for men. You’ll receive a variety of grooming items to keep you looking good.

5. Allure Beauty Box $15

This monthly subscription is beauty products as well. Started by the magazine, Allure, this beauty box also ranges in size samples for a variety of high-end products. Each box comes with a booklet that details the items and why they work.

6. Loot Crate $19.95 (13.95 + 6 shipping)

Here’s one for the geeks, gamers, and nerd out there. This subscription delivers a monthly box of collectibles, stickers, and other fun pieces. You could receive t-shirts, figures, home goods and so much more. This box promises to provide over $45 in products in every box.

7. Stitch Fix (Men and Women) $20

This box is a little more unique. Instead of sending typical beauty products for women, this one sends clothes! You tell them your size and style preferences and they send you five items. You get to keep whatever pieces you want and send back what you don’t. Just pay for the items you keep, which is deducted from your monthly fee and if you keep all five you get 25% off the fee!

8. Bulu Box $10

In this subscription, you receive vitamins and supplements in each box in order to promote health. Each box contains four to five items and sometimes a lifetime item as an extra.

9. Nerd Block $29.49

This one appeals to gamers and nerds alike. This subscription also sends t-shirts, collectibles, figures, and such. Each box contains five-six items.

10. Campus Cube $29.99

This one gives college students (unfortunately girls, sorry guys) a box full of items for anything they may need. Since necessities are so expensive for women, this one gives a boost for help. You can choose three boxes for one semester or six for two semesters with or without the optional birthday box. Each box contains useful items for health, food, fun, and decoration. Each box also upcycles for storage!

11. Play! By Sephora $10

For all you Sephora junkies, here’s your fix. Sephora will send you makeup and beauty samples every month with bonus extras like Spotify playlists or even coupons!

12. BattlBox $24.99

Here’s the one box that isn’t for women, but for men only. This box contains anything from survival tools, manuals, supplies, gear, and more. Each box sends four – seven items. *PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF YOUR SCHOOL'S POLICIES*

13. Dollar Shave Club $1 - $3

This is exactly what it says, a monthly box that sends razors. Your first box is only a dollar for the actual razor, after the initial first month it goes up to $3 and they send you replacement blades from 2, 4, or 6 blades. You also control when they send it to you. They also provide grooming products in addition.

14. Love With Food Tasting Box $9.99

Get a chance to try some new healthy alternatives to the typical surgery and fatty snacks in our diets. This box sends natural, organic snacks and sweets to sample.

15. Monthly Mini Mystery Box Of Awesome $9.99

This one simply sends you super randomitems that far exceed the price of the subscription. Get a surprise every month!

16. Book Of The Month $16.99

This one sends books every month. Five curators choose what book is worth sending and they’re all hardcover too! You then choose which book you want to read from the five given.

17. Bean Box $20

For all you coffee lovers! This box sends a sample of Seattle’s best coffee roasters. You’ll receive four 1.8oz bags to try every month! Best part? They ship them one day after being roaster, talk about fresh!

18. Degustabox $19.99

More food is always great. This one sends 11-15 full size food items in each box and most are so new they’re not even on shelves yet!

19. Simple Loose Leaf Box $11.99

Calling all tea lovers! This monthly box sends four different types of teas (Green, Black, Herbal, Seasonal) and enough for five – ten cups of tea! New members will receive in their first box: a silicone tea filter, a tea leaf with a bulb, and a fridge magnet with brewing information.

20. Darby Smart To DIY For Box

Are you a crafty person? Then this box is definitely the one for you. This subscription sends different craft and DIY items with the instructions on how to use them!

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