20 Lessons I Will Take From 2020
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20 Lessons I Will Take From 2020

This year has been full of many things - lessons being a big one. Here are some of my favorites!

20 Lessons I Will Take From 2020

2020 kicked us all where it hurts. Lives were lost, people were lonely, times were not grand. While nothing can make up for the tragedies we have seen and some have felt, that does not mean we cannot be aware of the sprinkles of good that came of this year. I refuse to feel like this year was a wash, so I have tried to intentionally take note of the lessons I learned throughout the year. There are many more where this cam from, but this is a nice start. I won't miss the mess that was this year, but I am looking at the lessons I have learned and the people I have been able to appreciate as much as I am the awful things that came this year.

Your energy is a privilege.

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Whether it's a friend, a romantic partner, or even the occasional family member - you choose where your energy goes. I learned that while being nice is necessary, reaching out or spending time or giving your thoughts to someone isn't always fair to you. If I'm going to spend my energy on someone, they better be adding some good to my life. You should do the same.

Don't question love that is given to you.

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This year has been full of love for me. Friends and family and even new acquaintances have shown me love, sometimes when I am far from deserving it. Instead of questioning it, I have learned to just appreciate it.

Family is crucial.

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My family is fantastic. Knowing that I have that safety net has gotten me through this year.

Safe spaces should be appreciated.

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Whether it's the safety of your hot shower, your favorite seat at the coffee shop, or your spot at church - these spaces are beautiful. If you don't have one, keep looking.

Great books are the best escape.

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No matter what, we all need an escape from time to time. As a professional over-thinker, brain breaks are hard to come by. Reading works.

You should dance daily.

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This is something I have always lived by, but this year a little extra.

Appreciate the little wins.

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Making my bed perfectly, eye contact with a cute stranger, getting all the groceries in on one load - they all bring joy.

Everyone needs someone.

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No one can do life alone. It's not weakness, it's humanity.

Movie Theaters are the best thing known to man.

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Supporting Local Businesses is another form of supporting your community.

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This should be a clear one, but the more sweet business I saw shut down, the more I realized how important it was to not look at shopping locally as fighting Capitalism, but as helping our neighbors, our community, and our future selves.

Having your priorities straight is freeing.

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WHEW yall. I had awakenings right and left this year. I throw myself into things when I get excited (I like to call this passion), but if it's the wrong thing, it doesn't work as well. Know your goals, figure out a way to reach them, and don't let anyone/anything get in your way.

Some people may be great, but not great for you.

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Boys. Love em. Hate em. Just because he's great, doesn't mean he's great for you. It's nothing wrong with either of you, some puzzle pieces just don't fit.

Classic movies are classic for a reason.

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"The Great Gatsby," "When Harry Met Sally," "Gone with the Wind," etc.

Slow chapters of life are not necessarily bad chapters of life.

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I love being busy...that wasn't an option this year. I learned to appreciate a slower pace, and I will continue to love that slow time between the hustle.

Being easily excitable is such a beautiful thing to be.

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I shall never water myself or my enthusiasm down for anyone. You shouldn't either.

No one is immune to struggle.

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Tom Holland, Oprah, and I all went through it. Struggle is bigger than society.

Just like growth and healing, self love is not linear.

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As a confident person, it is hard for me to deal with waves of insecurity, because fortunately I am not used to them. I was rocked this year, and my confidence is lower than usual. I am on the uphill, and being gentle with myself to get back to where I was is a crucial part of the process.

"Wasting Time" is not real.

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Watching tik tok for hours makes me belly laugh. If it brought you something, it's not a waste.

Hugs are Underrated

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The small things add up, no matter the circumstance.

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Whether it is adding a small healthy habit to your day, giving a seemingly small compliment, or saving money on coffee - it all adds up.

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