With winter storms rolling in, classes getting intense, and the general stress of life, we could all use some time to relax. While you're procrastinating that next paper, here are 20 tweets, from "the swedish house mafia" to "how lil kids cough," to keep in your back pocket for when you need a laugh.

1. This wish 

We all have that one grudge that sticks with us.

2. This conspiracy theory

I mean...I buy it.

3. This nostalgia trip

Maybe a little too relatable.

4. This idiosyncrasy you might be guilty of right now 

It's just part of being human.

5. This exposure of our unfulfilled desire for human connection

There's just something about the phrase "tex mesage."

6. This now-iconic observation 

Would it really hurt parents to teach their kids some manners?

7. This happy couple

"The Notebook" has nothing on this.

8. This friendly interaction

True friendship.

9. This disappointed dog 

She looks like she's taking the divorce rather well.

10. This idea we should all agree with 

That look? Llama take a selfie!

11. This magical idea

We are all Pinocchio.

12. This recognition of civic duty 

Bus drivers are heroes and if you disagree you're wrong.

13. This son who probably had many öats

He is the chosen one.

14. This interior design choice

This sparks joy.

15. This introvert's nightmare

Please, just let me enjoy my chips in peace.

16. This missing link 

Lucy has nothing on this discovery.

17. This secret operation 

A foolproof way to buy new friends.

18. This helpful mnemonic 

An essential to everyday life.

19. This act of revenge 

Macbeth has nothing on this.

20. And this excellent plan

I like that tweet. That is a nice tweet.