20 Deals Every UND Student Should Know

Let’s be real, every college student is trying to save money wherever they can. Whether they are saving money because they are a broke college kid like the rest of campus, have bills to pay and are on a budget, are saving for a trip, or simply saving money so you can spend it on other things, we all are trying to save one penny at a time.

Being that Grand Forks really isn’t that exciting of a town, every college student is spending their money on one thing: alcohol. Alcohol seems to be a necessity to college students, especially here when there is not much to do.

Here are 20 deals every UND student should utilize during their time in Grand Forks.

1. Sioux Shop

15% off purchase price with your student ID. You’ll definitely want that discount when you buy that hockey jersey you will wear all season.

2. Stomping Grounds in the Memorial Union

Bought a regular coffee? Save your receipt and get a refill later that day! Everyone needs more than one cup of coffee come finals week.

3. Old Navy

10% off your entire purchase with your student ID. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

4. Coldstone Creamery

On Tuesday nights during the school year, Coldstone Creamery in Grand Forks offers 50% off your ice cream if you pay cash and show your student ID.

5. Qdoba

With your student ID, you can get a discount on a chicken entrée.

6. Erbert & Gerbert’s

Erbert & Gerbert’s in GF is always having deals, like their facebook page to keep tabs on them! The best one is during finals week when they offer a sandwich, chips, and a cookie for $5 with your student ID. It only works on sandwiches #11-16 just in case you didn’t know.

7. O’really’s

Going downtown on a Thursday? You can get $1.50 long islands at O’reallys. Your bank account will thank me later.

8. SU Nutrition

Monday- Friday from 2pm-4pm you can get a shake and a tea for $5. Stop by after working out at the wellness and get a shake and tea.

9. Haute Yogis- Hot Yoga

This place has a ton of different packages for students. You can get a 10 class pass for $65, 3 months unlimited for $200, or 6 months unlimited for $390. Not to mention, their website says they have a college night as well.

10. Valley Dairy

At several of the Valley Dairy gas stations in town, you can get 6 cents off per gallon when you pay with cash or check. Let’s be real, every penny counts.

11. Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey offers 10% off all services and a free carwash with an oil change.

12. Bonzers

The next time you stop into bonzers, try one of their $5 long island teas, or find out when they have their pull tab deal.

13. Up North Pizza & Pub

Two for Tuesdays. 2 pizzas for the price of 1 from 6pm to close. Best deal ever.

14. QW Massage & Spa

10% off all massage and spa services. Take advantage of it when you finish finals.

15. River Cinema 15 in East Grand Forks

$5 movies all day on Tuesdays. Not to mention, the student involvement gives out free movie passes on some of the Fridays during the school year. Take advantage of it!

16. Sonic

You don’t need your student ID for this one but after 8pm, you can get ½ off shakes, floats, and ice cream slushes.

17. Sakura

10% off and they have a Monday special. Talk about a possible date night idea.

18. Chick-fil-a

Chick-fil-a GF offers a free sweet tea with your student ID.

19. Anytime Fitness

You can get 10% off a membership and you get free tanning.

20. Buffalo Wild Wings

On Sunday nights, you can get a discount with your student ID and if you purchase a drink.

Check out the UND Student Discount Program page for more student discounts, or check out the local restaurants and stores to see if they have any good deals!

Take advantage of deals when you can and save your money. You need every penny you have as broke college student.

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