14 Bo Burnham Jokes To Get You Through The First Week Of School

Bo Burnham's humor is one-of-a-kind. He uses funny bits, stupid puns and harsh realities of life to get a laugh out of his audience. With the release of his new special "Make Happy" on Netlfix and the start of the school year here at Wayne, here are 14 of Bo's hilarious jokes.

1. This amazing magic trick

2. This truth about leading people in prayer

3. *starts belting out Alicia Keys*

4. Glitter confetti solves all of life's problems

5. Bo does not tolerate hate... even from his mama

6. He is self aware at how bad his jokes are

7. He heckles his audience

8. Puns on puns on puns

9. This horrible reality

10. When he proposed this interesting theory

11. He doesn't want you to get your hopes up at his shows

12. He's not afraid to get real on stage

13. His vines are also top notch

14. He doesn't even need to say anything to be funny

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